Month: September 2010

7 Traits of a Great Leader

Be sure to pick up your FREE copy of ‘7 Traits of a Great Leader.‘ You’ll find an updated and expanded-upon compilation of all this series on leadership.


Faith Based Leadership | 7 Traits of a Great Leader

We’ve been talking about building foundations and how important that is to bothpersonal and corporate success. In my last post, we talked about leaders having to stand upon a firm basis of character, integrity, and identity. I promise you, I can ask 10 different people what those principles look like to them, and I’ll get 10 different definitions. Luckily, the Bible contains a wealth of information on the subject.


Come See Me at BarCamp: Nashville 2010

I’ll be speaking at BarCamp:Nashville 2010 on October 16th at Cadillac Ranch. BarCamp is a FREE un-conference that caters to Nashville’s tech and media crowds. There are tons of great sessions with plenty of amazing content for attendees to gather. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic place to network with Nashville’s best and brightest. For more information, check out

My session, specifically, will be all about how churches and non-profits can and do use social media to fuel their efforts. From tweeting to blogging, I’ve seen these organizations use social media to their advantage in building followers, connecting supporters, and organizing projects. If you’d like to read more about my session or to sign up, visit

What Are You Built Upon?

If you didn’t know, my primary vocation is real estate. You can learn more about that by visiting The Silva Group. When I take clients out to see homes and they find one they really like, I tend to disappear. They’re wandering around the house, dreaming about where to put furniture and what they’ll do in their new home, so they usually don’t notice.

Where did I go? 9 times out of 10, you’d find me under the house poking around. You can learn a lot about a house by carefully observing the foundation upon which it was built. I’m no structural engineer, and I’ve never to pretended to be one, but I know a solid foundation when I see one. If I see excessive cracks, displacement, poor craftsmanship, etc., you better believe we’re moving on to the next house.


Digging the Dirt

Kenny Silva | Faith Based LeadershipWhat if you dared to tell the truth and the entire world hated you for it? How would you feel if you pulled someone out of a burning building and they hung you from a tree in return? Would you stand up and shout from the rooftops what you know to be absolute truth, knowing full well that it would lead to ridicule, exile, torture, and death?

Jesus did just that.