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Scott Harrison

Fun Friday – Who Would You Meet?

We’ve all got someone we’ve never met, but look up to dearly; someone who’s brain we would absolutely love to pick. I’m wondering who you would like to meet.

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How to Set People on Fire

Setting People on Fire (Not Literally)

Passion is the fire that burns deep within and you are the vessel; created to carry it out before the world. When you are truly passionate about what you’re doing, that fire cannot be contained.

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Kenny Silva | Faith in Leadership | Vision

Vision – Your Big "Why"

With the power of vision, you will easily be able to overcome every short-term obstacle in humble pursuit of your long term goals.

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Kenny Silva


So how do we prevent the world from robbing our focus? This is an important question that we seldom ask until it’s too late; when we find ourselves side-tracked by a load of inane ‘stuff.’

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You’re a Leader – Don’t Drop the Ball

Each one of us needs to embrace the fact that we are all leaders in some capacity. The way we live and act with other people can have a profound ripple affect with the power to be felt through generations.

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October 23, 2010 Blog Love

I’m taking 1 day each week to give shout-outs to some blogs and bloggers that I really enjoy and feel like you can benefit from.

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Seinfeld vs. Friends | Kenny Silva

Fun Friday: Seinfeld or Friends?

Seinfeld or Friends?

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3 Key Elements of a Biblical Influencer

3 Key Elements of a Biblical Influencer

The story of Samuel’s life provides an excellent pattern for becoming a leader of great influence.

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Thoughts on Influence | Kenny Silva

Some Thoughts on Influence…

Leadership is all about influence. It is the invisible force that drives people to follow you and carry out your instructions.

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7 Traits of a Great Leader – Servant

A great leader helps people become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be by serving their deepest, most sincere needs.

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