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7 Things You Need To Stop Doing Today

7 Things You Need to Stop Doing Right Away

You and I need to stop conforming to the same old patterns based on the same old lies that this world wants to sell us. Instead, we need to move forward in light of the only real Truth we have in God’s Word.

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Real Follow Friday

The #RealFF Challenge

Today, we’re going to focus on adding value to people’s lives by suggesting quality folks for them to follow.

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Ghost Town

Are You the Mayor of a Ghost Town?

Leadership is about influence, not numbers. If you’ve got a shadow community of unengaged followers, then you’ve got nothing.

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Follow Friday

Why #FollowFriday is a Joke

Let’s tear down the Twitter #FF spam wall and promote people who actually add value to our lives. I’m counting on you to make this happen on Friday.

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Save your Business

3 Steps to Saving Your Business

You realized that your game changing get-rich-quick idea is going to take a little more time to mature than you thought…

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intersection of vision and reality

The Intersection Between Vision and Reality

This is the intersection between vision and reality; the critical moment in any dream or idea’s developmental process.

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Theodore Roosevelt

Fun Friday: Who's Your Favorite U.S. President?

Who is your favorite U.S. President?

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Albert Einstein

The Violent Opposition of a Mediocre Mind

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

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Building Online Community

What You Need to Know About Online Community

In the social media world – thought leaders, activists, or business brands are nobodies until they build a community.

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time management

How to Save Time, Stay Focused, and Be More Productive

Time blocking is an absolutely essential time management skill if you want to save time, stay focused, and become more productive

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