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VIDEO: Serving the Digital Consumer

The new evolution in social technology is forcing us to evolve into a new type of consumer; a digital consumer.

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9 Years, 9 Jobs, 9 Lessons

9 Years, 9 Jobs, 9 Lessons

Over the past 9 years, I’ve had 9 different jobs in varying capacities and functions. Before you write me off as capricious and fickle, consider this. The average number of jobs for folks aged 20-29 in America is 7. Since age 20, I’ve held 6 occupations. 1 more to go! Throughout the years, I’ve learned […]

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Closing Out March – Could You Help Me With April?

Hey All, PodCamp:Nashville was a smashing success. As a member of the planning crew, I couldn’t be happier with the way things went… Well, except for lunch. We had a great turnout for my session on overcoming creative resistance. I really hope some folks were encouraged to overcome their own resistance and put their ideas to […]

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Video: PodCamp & The Resistance

After a vicious attack from a rogue coffee mug, my computer has been out of commission over the past few days

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Innovate like Apple, IDEO, and Behance

6 Tips for Innovating like Apple, IDEO, and Behance

As I’ve been learning this stuff, I’ve come to the conclusion that these ideas are so basic and so universal that any organization could adopt them to make their organization more innovative.

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Peace Treaty

You vs. The Resistance – Part. 5: The Peace Treaty

You will never annihilate the resistance. What we can do, however, is learn to subdue and make our peace with it.

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Rational Battle Plan

You vs. The Resistance – Part 4: The Rational Battle

On Friday, we fought the irrational side of the battle against resistance. Today we’re going to look at the more tangible, rational side of the fight. This approach will be less “touchy, feel-y” and more “go on and do it.”

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Your Battle vs. the Resistance

You vs. The Resistance – Part 3: The Irrational Battle

Enough talk. We’ve spent plenty of time dissecting and analyzing the varying qualities of the resistance. Now its time for you to stand up and subdue the monster.

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You vs the Resistance - Gathering Intelligence

You vs. The Resistance – Part 2: Gathering Intelligence

Before we can attack, we’ve got to know exactly what we’re dealing with. The first question to ask is whether your resistance is irrational or rational

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You vs. The Resistance – Part 1: The Declaration of War

You’ve been dreaming, scheming, pondering, and fantasizing about your new project. You’ve been playing out what if scenarios in your head. You can clearly see what your world look like after you make this real. There’s only one thing standing in your way.

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