Month: May 2011

I'm Not Who I Thought I Was and Neither Are You

I'm Not Who I Thought I Was and Neither Are You

When I was 12 years old, I thought I was Batman. I had just watched Batman Forever and was on this huge superhero kick. I would wear a black cape, stand on top of tall objects, and sing Seal’s Kiss From a Rose while attempting to strike terror into the hearts of criminals.

I quickly learned that this simply wasn’t true. I was not Batman.

Fast forward 12 years. I thought I was a professional musician. I even went so far as to get all of the training and buy all of the gear. I would grab my guitar, play for large crowds and get paid for it! It was great. My name was wanna-be rock star.

I slowly learned that this was not who I truly am.


It All Starts With Who

leadership identity

We’ve all been believing a lie. This lie is sneaky. It seems to be an obvious truth, but is really an insidious deception. I believed it for years. You probably believe it too.

Here’s the lie:

You are what you do.

Here are some things that this lie would have us believe:

  • I marry a lovely person, therefore I am lovely.
  • I get a promotion, therefore I am successful.
  • I build a thriving company, therefore I am a great leader.

Those connections are all somewhat logical, but they lead us down the wrong road. As we head down that road, we continually define ourselves by the stuff that we’re able to produce. Our identity is mistakenly identified by the activity of our lives.


Osama Bin Laden, Eternal Punishment, and Pitiful Leadership

I’m a few days late to the party on this one, but I’ve found myself convicted about this issue. My friend Justin wrote a blog on Bin Laden’s death yesterday and it finally kicked me over the fence.

I’m not gonna try and tell you how to feel about any of this, but here’s where I’m at.

There are a large number of professing Christians out there openly rejoicing in the fact that Osama Bin Laden got what he “deserved” and is presently burning in Hell. They’re posting all over the internet, waving signs, throwing parties, and carrying on.

I love you, but need you to understand that you’re failing miserably as leaders.


How Two Words Changed My Life

Two Words that Changed My Life

A little story about the power of words…

A couple of years back, I did not have the best relationship with God. We would hang out on Sundays every once in a while, but that was about it. My girlfriend, however, was one of those “Jesus freaks” I had heard about while growing up in my conservative Catholic church.

One night in 2008, she dragged me along to a small group meeting with some friends from her church. It was a beautiful home and the host couple was very nice. The folks there were foreign to me, but very sweet. And off we go…


If You're Not Changing Lives, Then You're Just Being Lazy

Importance of CommunicationHave you ever…

  • read a book that completely rocked your world?
  • had a serious conversation that challenged the way you look at everything?
  • listened to a message or speech that flipped your life upside down?

As leaders, we get to create these life-changing communication experiences.

Wether its a coaching session or a keynote speech, we know that the goal is to create some sort of heart/life change. It’s obvious. This may be heavy and difficult, but at least we’re clear on that expectation. Naturally, we put the effort in to create something decent.

But what happens when we don’t set that expectation?