30 Points On Comfort & Discomfort

30 Points on Comfort & Discomfort

Continuing with our discussion on self-limiting syndrome, we’re gonna look at this nasty little thing called comfort…


  • Comfort is safe – Danger would be far too uncomfortable.
  • Comfort implies a lack of motion – You don’t need to move if you like where you’re at.
  • Comfort is boring – Unless you like stagnation.
  • Comfort does not equal growth – A seed is probably much more comfortable in a bag than in some soil.
  • Comfort is relative – Your comfort may be my discomfort. That may be the only thing keeping me from being as successful as you are.
  • Comfort makes us complacent – If you like coasting along comfortably, you need not worry about tweaking or optimizing your process.
  • Comfort is not motivating – My couch has never explicitly encouraged me to go out for a run.
  • Comfort dulls our senses – Comfort makes us sleepy and slow to respond. It lulls us into a coma.
  • Comfort is subjective – Even seemingly uncomfortable activities can be comfortable for people who do them regularly.
  • Comfort makes us blind – We tend not to see what’s going on outside of our comfortable little bubbles.
  • Comfort is seductive – It’ll suck you in every time.
  • Comfort stifles change – The status quo is the epitome of comfort.
  • Comfort lies – It’ll tell you that here is always better than there.
  • Comfort holds you down – Why move up when sitting down feels so darn good?
  • Comfort sucks – It sure does.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Do something dangerous- Physical or emotional, but preferably emotional.
  • Be dynamic – Put something in motion. Work towards a goal, big or small.
  • Be bold – Take a chance. Do something exciting or different. Buck the trend.
  • Challenge yourself to grow – Your discomfort is the very thing that will cause you to grow.
  • Wash, rinse & repeat – Break out of your bubble. The new discomfort will turn to comfort and your bubble will grow. Break out of your new bubble.
  • Be vigilant – Don’t be lulled into a stupor. Get off your backside and on your toes.
  • Get motivated – Attend a seminar. Buy some tapes. Sit in a locker room at halftime.
  • Sharpen your senses – Snap out of your lull and wake up to the world around you.
  • Err on the side of discomfort – If its easy and it won’t help you grow, do something else.
  • Open your eyes – Each day is filled with countless opportunities. Ditch the fear and go after them.
  • Avoid the seduction – Its easy to retreat from discomfort to comfort. Resist the temptation.
  • Change – Don’t let the status quo prevent you from becoming who you were created to be.
  • Tell the truth – If comfort lies, then you need to spend some time with the truth.
  • Break free – Decide to do what needs to be done and do it.
  • Stay uncomfortable – Discomfort -> Growth -> Success

What would you add to the list?

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