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5 Quick Tips for Leading a More Joyful Life

Leadership Joy

I remember the worst experience I ever had with a leader. He was a perpetual grump; a man of absolutely no joy. He grumbled around the shop and openly ridiculed the folks under his charge. Even when we succeeded, he had nothing positive to bring to the table.

joy – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

The best leaders I’ve worked under have always possessed a certain element of joy. Each was a delight to be around and a pleasure to serve under. Their positive spirit and joyful energy was contagious. They would receive the most respect and naturally inspire the best attitude.

Here are 5 tips for bringing a little more joy to your life:

1. Smile

It’s almost silly that I have to list this here, but so necessary. The most successful people aren’t afraid to smile wide. It’s contagious and it instantly opens the doors for connection. You never know when the right smile will make someone else’s day. Do it regularly.

2. Search For Evidences of God’s Grace in Your Life

Take stock of everything good and positive in your life. It’s all a gift to be cherished. When we shift from an attitude of entitlement to an attitude of gratitude, the world starts to look much different. Focus on your blessings; not your shortcomings.

3. Say Thank You

This goes hand-in-hand with the tip above. Say thank you and be genuinely grateful. Next time you grab your venti half-cafe soy latte from the under-appreciated barista at Starbucks, look her in the eyes and give her the most genuine thank you that you can offer.

4. Intentionally Seek Opportunities to Build Others Up

This immediately circles around to you. Take an extra 5 minutes to tell one of your team members exactly how much you’ve appreciated their contribution. Make it personal and special. Watch them light up. I promise you’ll enjoy it more than they do.

5. Rejoice in Other’s Victories

Celebrate with your team members when they succeed, whether its a work related event or not. Take the time to call a colleague and congratulate them when you hear the news of a recent success. Avoid the natural inclination for jealousy. Honestly and truthfully rejoice.

Try It Out

In my own life I’ve learned that a focus on managing my joy, even in the face of difficulty, has a significant effect on my productivity and success. I believe you’ll have a similar experience. Try these tips out this week and let me know how it goes.

What would you add to the list? Leave a comment by clicking here.

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