This Blog is About You

It’s about digging deep, finding your God-given talents and abilities, and bringing those gifts to the surface. Those are the gifts that you must develop and use to become the leader that you were created to be.

Too often, we find ourselves held down in one way or another by self-defeating attitudes and negative ideas. Under that pressure, we settle for lives of quiet desperation and comfortable safety. We were meant for so much more than to be self-defeated followers.

We were meant to lead.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Be a Better Leader

You’ve got friends to lead.
Be the blessing and the friend that these people need.

You’ve got a family to lead.
Loved ones deserve nothing less than your absolute best.

You’ve got a team, group, church, or business to lead.
Everybody wants to be an industry leader; not follower.

You’ve got a life to lead.
By God’s grace, make it the best life it can possibly be.

Whether you like it or not… You’re a leader. Don’t drop the ball.

3 Ways to Get There

Mindset/Self Improvement

Success always begins with adopting the right frame of mind. This is where we shed the negativity and self-doubt. This is where we get past all the garbage in our lives and learn to start seeing the world through a different lens.

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Leadership Development

Wether you’re dealing with a group of friends, running a business, or shepherding your flock, you need solid leadership skills. This is where we focus on specific aspects of leading people and develop those skills in a practical way.

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Business & Marketing Skills

The only way I get to confidently lead the people on my team and the other folks in my industry is by developing my business skills. I’ve spent countless hours reading and studying in the areas of entrepreneurship, business development, productivity, marketing strategy, and social media communication.

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About Kenny Silva

Kenny Silva - Leadership Development

I’m a Christ follower with an undeniable calling to empower leaders to build businesses that change the world. My faith defines and sustains me.

Read all about my spiritual journey.

In the past, I’ve:

  • waited tables in the restaurant industry
  • worked as an emergency medical technician
  • served in the United States Air Force
  • built F15 weapons systems for a defense contractor
  • performed music professionally

I’ve always been a natural leader and an entrepreneur. I love to master jobs, skills, and activities. Shortly after, I like to break those things and develop something new; something better.

Right now, I’m breaking the real estate industry with my team, The Silva Group. When it comes to serving clients, we don’t just think outside the box; we burn the box.

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You can contact me by sending an email to kenny@thesilvagroup.net.

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