An Exercise in Creating Vision

Creating and Casting VisionToday, I facilitated a discussion on vision and purpose for some fellow real estate agents. It was a great experience in which we shared the ‘Big Why’ that motivates each of us. As a part of the class/discussion, I posed the following exercise:

Please describe your ideal Christmas morning.

I’m asking each of you to do the same below in the comments section. Come back tomorrow or subscribe to see what the next step in the exercise is.

Here is my ideal Christmas morning:

I will be living in a beautiful historic home in either the Edgefield or Lockeland Springs neighborhood of East Nashville. It will be modest in size, yet loaded with charm. I’ll be laying in a queen size bed next to my beautiful wife. Our two children come running in at 7 AM and startle us both awake.

The family then goes downstairs to find a fireplace with a Christmas tree not too far off. There is a train-set assembled and ready to go, circling the tree and the modest number of presents below it. After a time of honest and thankful prayer, we exchange gifts.

The rest of the day is spent telling stories by the fire, preparing Christmas dinner, and enjoying the company of friends and family.

Your turn…

Please share the vision for the ideal Christmas morning. This morning can occur at any point in the future. It can be this year or 10 years from now.

Provide as much detail as you can.

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