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An Idea Becomes Reality

Are you in the loop?I love to create things.

In fact, I’m creating something today. I’ve actually been creating it for some time, but today is the day that I’m going to share it with you. If you’ll indulge me through my entrepreneurial-creative process, I’ll gladly tell you all about it.

It all starts with…

The Desire

This is the itch; the desire to build something from nothing. This deep, inward burning characterizes the creative in me. I love to play music, write blogs, draw pictures, etc. The list goes on and on and permeates my very being. This goes way beyond “art.”

This desire spills out of my “artsy” life and into my business life very nicely. I’m constantly trying to create while at work with real estate clients. Amazing experiences. Memorable moments. Life-long stories. This idea was born in that environment.

The Challenge

An idea is only as valuable as its potential for making a difference. An idea is worthless if it merely perpetuates the status quo. A great idea, especially in business, is one that challenges the way things are done. By its very nature, it changes the way we work.

A few months ago, a friend and I realized that something in the real estate industry was severely lacking. We came up with an idea to address that need. Still, an idea is merely a thought. The idea is only worth its relevance to our lives and yours.

Something’s Broken

When you really begin to challenge a system, you start to realize how broken it is. You see fault and folly everywhere you look within it. Eventually, your idea ceases to be an idea and starts to become a solution. You begin to realize that you have to make it real.

We realized that the way real estate agents communicate with their clients is broken. Home sellers wait weeks to hear from their listing agents. New home buyers wander aimlessly through the process, waiting for a call from their REALTOR.

We have a vision for correcting that problem.

Fix It

If your idea really can fix the broken system, then its time to get to work. Sometimes, its simple: there’s a blank canvas that needs to have a picture painted on it. Other times, its more complex: the healthcare system is broken and your idea can change that.

For us, we know there’s a better way for REALTORs to communicate with their clients. Sifting through convoluted email chains is not cutting it. Playing phone tag won’t suffice. A text message is too easily missed. We’re developing something to streamline all of that.


Thanks to Apple, innovation is fun buzz word. It carries with it a sleek design aesthetic. It’s cool. It’s trendy. It’s what we’re all talking about. Very much like an idea with little practical relevance, innovation is worthless in and of itself.

We don’t innovate because its cool. We don’t innovate because it’s trendy. We innovate because in order to fix the broken system in a way that matters and ultimately works, we’ve got to do more than just apply a band-aid. We’ve got to make something new.

What is it Already?

A partner (Josh Byrd) and I are building a product called Looptogether. It is a simple and efficient system for real estate agents to use when communicating with clients. We’re really excited about it and could honestly use your help in a few very important ways:

  1. Prayers – That we would be responsible and faithful stewards of this opportunity to create something that could really help people. That we would do it honestly and honorably. That we wouldn’t give in to doubt.
  2. Moral Support – Kind words. Encouragement. Thoughtful recommendations. Honest feedback.
  3. Promotional Support – Please re-tweet this post, follow Looptogether on Twitter, subscribe to our email list, like Looptogether on Facebook.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. If you know me in real life, then this accounts for why I’ve been a very busy man over the past few months. Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me. We’ll keep you in the loop as we go.

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