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Tetons, Baby Steps, and Business Success

What Tetons and Babies Can Teach You About Success

Building a successful business, non-profit, or ministry can be about as imposing as staring up at the highest of mountains. Small steps of faith, however, are the catalytic moments that allow us to accomplish more than we could ever imagine.

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leaders take responsibility

If You Don't Do This, Then You're Not a Leader

Great leaders take responsibility…

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Making the Most of Your Time

Resolved: 17. 7 Steps to Making the Most of Your Time

Resolved, to make the most of my time by paying close,prayerful attention to how and where I spend it.

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Practice what you preach

Resolved: 14. This Is How You Maintain Credibility as a Leader

Resolved, to refrain from doing the things that I would not wish done by others; to refrain from asking others to do things that I would not be willing to do myself.

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Conexion Americas California Fashion

The Entrepreneur You Won't Read about on TechCrunch

No angel investors. No TechCrunch write-ups. Maria started humble and simply did the hard work necessary in order to build her business. Every time I feel a little lazy or uncomfortable about rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty, I need to think about Maria.

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leadership identity

It All Starts With Who

You can’t produce the results of a great leader unless you are willing to develop the identity of one.

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Giving Great Advice

5 Steps to Giving Great Advice

As leaders, we get to fill the role of counselor in a lot of people’s lives. For good or bad, we have the honor and responsibility of providing these people with advice.

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Developing Leadership Skills

Developing Leadership Skills One Step at a Time

You want to develop better leadership skills, but there’s so much that goes into building that skill set. Today I want to give you a break by asking you to focus on just one thing.

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Relevance and Passion

Relevance is Not Enough

Passion is the element that stimulates connection and arouses emotions. It’s the fire that you’re trying to spread.

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Relevance and the question Why

Why Should I Listen to You?

We’ve got to communicate our intentions in a way that naturally answers the question, “why?” It is only then that we can truly start to influence others.

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