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Fun Friday: What's The Dumbest Thing You Did This Week?

Wet iPhone in Water Dumb ThingSo there I was, brushing my teeth in front of the sink as one would customarily do. Sometimes, I leave the water running. It’s a vice; I know. I’m sorry. Also, my bathroom sink has been suffering from a partially clogged drain. Therefore, the sink was full of water.

While brushing away, I felt a familiar buzz in my left front pocket. The hyper-communicator in me just had to know who or what that was all about. So, I reach in (still brushing) and gracelessly extract my phone from the pocket.

One bobble later, my phone was hurdling towards the full sink of water. In it went. I tossed out a solid Christian cuss word and snatched it out immediately. Sadly, it was too late. The damage was done. Long story short, I have a new phone and I’m committed to AT&T for another 2 years.

That’s my dumb story for the week. I would love to hear yours.

What’s the dumbest thing you did this week?

Fun Friday: Who's Your Favorite U.S. President?

Theodore RooseveltWho is your favorite U.S. President?

We don’t need to go 8th grade essay format on this one, I’m just curious to know.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with all of his economic policies, mine is Theodore Roosevelt.

Some quick points about ‘ol Teddy:

  • 26th President of the U.S.
  • Medal of Honor winner
  • Leader of the ‘Rough Riders’
  • Nobel Peace Prize winner
  • Advocate for the ‘little guy’


Fun Friday: Verizon or AT&T?

iphone 4 on Verizon or AT&TI started to write something weighty, but then I realized it’s Friday. It’s only the first week of my new content plan, so I certainly can’t go breaking the rules just yet!

Fridays are for fun and connecting with you guys. So, my question for my iPhone-friendly friends this week is this:

Are you sticking with AT&T or are you jumping ship to head to Verizon?

Explain yourself. Either answer is fine. I reserve my judgement.


Christmas Hiatus (2 Weeks of Quiet Time)

Kenny Silva
Merry Christmas, Y'all

Friends, Fans, and Frenemies,

Christmas time is here! I hope you’re all excited. I know that I am ready for the break.

Part of my plan for the holiday is retreating to Connecticut for 2 weeks to visit my family (whom I haven’t seen in almost 6 months.) I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. I know I’ll have to work a little bit here and there during the vacation, but I won’t be doing too much writing.

That said, things are going to be pretty quiet on the blog front. Get ready for a blog-tastic 2011, however. You’ll want to go ahead and subscribe for that so that you don’t miss out.

I want wish each and every one of you a peaceful and relaxing holiday season. I pray that hope, joy, and love will permeate everything you do. Rejoice in Christ; He’s the reason for the season!

Mucho Love,

Fun Friday: Favorite Cheesy Movie Speech

What is your favorite over-the-top, cheese-ball, make-you-want-to-vomit speech from a movie?

Mine is Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day.

You know – the one where he is the President, everyone is getting ready to hop into a fighter jet, and he’s got to motivate them to go and shoot a giant alien spaceship out of the sky.

Leaders, this is the model for inspiring your people to action.

Such fire.

Such passion.

Such willingness to read a terribly written script with purpose and conviction.

“We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on, we’re going to survive. Today we celebrate our independence day!”

…That’s the good stuff right there.

Your turn.

Late Disclaimer: There was much sarcasm in this post.

Fun Friday: Which Ninja Turtle Are You?

Ninja Turtles

That’s right. I’m asking.

For me, it’s Leonardo for 3 reasons.

1. He was always the natural leader in the group. He seemed to have his act together most of the time. I like that. One could say I aspire to be like Leonardo.

2. He has a blue eye-mask thingy. I like blue.

3. Leonardo carries a sword. If I was some sort of ninja warrior, turtle or not, I would definitely carry a sword.

Now it’s your turn.

Which of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles do you most readily identify with?

Fun Friday – Who Would You Meet?

Scott Harrison

We’ve all got someone we’ve never met, but look up to dearly; someone who’s brain we would absolutely love to pick.

I’m wondering who you would like to meet.

I’ll go first.

Scott Harrison, founder of Charity:Water. He’s got an amazing story about how he went from a self-indulgent New York City club owner to a passionate world changer. In just 4 years, his organization has raised over $20 million, funded 2,906 water projects, and brought clean water to 1.3 million people.

Check out the site. Check out his story. It’s truly inspiring.

Ok. Your turn.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

Fun Friday: Seinfeld or Friends?

Seinfeld vs. Friends | Kenny Silva's BlogThis is where our brains take a break and we have a fun little chat before everybody checks out for the weekend. You can try your hardest to extrapolate a leadership lesson from this post, in which case I’d gladly give you a digital high 5 and a lollipop as a reward.

So here’s my question: (stolen from a dinner conversation I had earlier)

Seinfeld or Friends?

My answer: Seinfeld.

Why: It’s comedy genius. I love Friends, but Jerry and his crew win hands down.

So, once again, my question to you:

Seinfeld or Friends?
(Show your work.)