Developing Leadership Skills One Step at a Time

Developing Leadership Skills

You want to develop better leadership skills, but there’s so much that goes into building that skill set. Guys like me don’t help by overloading your plate with new ideas every day.

You’ve got to work on things like…

It can all be so overwhelming.

Today I want to give you a break by asking you to focus on just one aspect. Here’s a simple process for picking that one thing to work on.

Step 1. Take an Inventory

Spend some time alone with a cup of coffee and a moleskine. Take an objective look at your personal skills as they pertain to relationships and leadership. Ask yourself tough questions. Figure out where your strengths are. Identify the skills that still need developing.

  • Do you have trouble keeping folks’ attention?
  • Are you bad at delegating tasks to your team members?
  • Do you struggle to connect with your audience?

At the end of this process you’ll end up with a list that might look like this:


  • I’m good at connecting with people.
  • I have strong networking skills.
  • I feel pretty good at keeping people’s attention when I get up to speak.


  • I could do a better job of staying present in 1 on 1 situations.
  • I’m not the best at delegating smaller tasks to people on my team.
  • I need to improve my follow-up communication skills.

Step 2. Choose a Specific Skill to Work On

Let’s pretend that the list above is your list. Pick one of those weaknesses to work on. I would base this decision on your most immediate need. Think hard about what presents the most difficulty in your day-to-day. What keeps you up at night?

Let’s assume that you’re struggling with delegation.

Step 3. Develop a Simple Plan

This doesn’t have to be a 12-point action plan. Put together something simple that will allow you to focus on developing this specific leadership skill. The object is to make it so easy that you’ll actually do it on a consistent basis.

Coming back to delegation, my plan would look something like this:

  1. Ask my social circles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to recommend relevant blogs, articles, books, and other resources on effective delegation. Capture these recommendations.
  2. Time block 15 minutes each morning to search for blogs and articles on the topic of delegation. Use sources recommended by my social networks and mentors. Aggregate, skim, and bookmark the most popular and relevant articles.
  3. Use my evening reading time to dig into these bookmarked articles and books recommended by my social sphere.

Your plan doesn’t have to look exactly like mine. My only requirement for you is that you would keep it simple. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can develop your leadership skills when you take this laser-focused approach.

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