Digital Identity Crisis: Are You Really Who You Blog You Are?

Digital Reputation Management…or who you Tweet you are?

Facebook? LinkedIn? Chat?

I’m asking because this new explosion of social media has created a billion bite-sized authors; each one published and readily available to influence the masses. Everyone has a story to tell and an outlet in which they can tell it. This is a truly wonderful thing. We all have a voice.

Who am I?

Unfortunately, with that voice comes a new digital identity to manage. We’ve got to manage our Facebook, Twitter, and whatever accounts in order to present ourselves in the proper light. You can’t leave those Friday night party pics up on Facebook for your boss and coworkers to see, because that’s not who you really are.


Marketing Product Me

We’ve all become marketers for ourselves, whether we know it or not. The way you conduct yourself online gives me a perception of who you are offline. I can make snap judgements on your character and respond to you in kind. Right or wrong.

But you probably don’t want me to do that, so you filter. You filter out the ugly comments. You hold back the posts that can be taken out of context. You screen the pictures. You tweak the privacy settings.

I get it. I do it too.

Filters are Walls

As individuals, we’re created for community; to bear our scars, share our brokenness, and connect with others. When we buy into the idea of reputation management, we check our true selves at the door and put on a shiny facade. People connect with this fake version, but they don’t connect with the real version.

This feels good for a little while…

…until you realize that you left your true self behind months ago.

Quit It!

If you’re starting to feel like I’m talking to you specifically, you’re not alone. We’ve all fallen into this trap at one time or another. I know I have and the struggle continues to maintain digital integrity. Integrity is simply being who you appear to be. It means those filters; those walls… they’re going to have to come down.

Tell The Real Story

Wether you’re an individual who likes to share, or a business that’s trying to make a profit, you’ve got a story to tell. If you break down the walls and erase the line between real you and digital you, you’ll be telling the real story. Only then will we be able to connect.

When we connect, we have trust…

Businesspeople, when we have trust, we have customers.

Leaders, when we have trust, we have influence, loyalty, and success.

Friends, when we have trust, we have authentic community.

Be the real you. Kill the digital version.

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