Engager or Enrager – What's Your Twitter Type?

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When it comes to Twitter, we all have our pet peeves.

In the spirit of introspection, I’ve compiled a fun little list of the different types of tweeter that you might be. These are completely arbitrary and probably offensive.


Enrager Types

The One Way Broadcaster

You are constantly sending out messages but never interacting with your followers. Your typical Twitter stream has a glaring lack of @ symbols. Celebrities, musicians, and other high profile accounts are great at this.

The Over-Sharer

You like to talk about your feelings… a lot. That or your puppy just did something really cute, today’s breakfast was particularly noteworthy, or you just had an interesting trip to the bathroom and we all really need to know about it. Your typical Twitter stream consists of things I would probably never say out loud.

The Private Conversation in Public Guy (Gal)

It often takes two to tango in this scenario. This tweeter (or tweeters) can never really seem to draw the line between a solid @ chat and a private heart-to-heart. The latter belongs in DMs or email. Your Twitter stream is probably chock full of @ symbols flying back and forth to the same person.

The Echoed Complimenter

Somebody said something nice about you. Now its time to tell everyone of your followers that something nice was said about you. In this scenario, you attach a ‘// Thanks!’ to preserve some outward appearance of humility. It’s ok. I’ve been guilty of this too.

The Auto-DM’er

You’re very excited to have connected with me. You’re also very excited to tell me about your blog… or your Facebook account, or your network marketing scheme, and so on. Save the automated sales pitch and try to authentically connect with your new followers.

The Disrespector of the 140

You’ve got a story to tell but you haven’t made the jump to WordPress or Tumblr. The result? 6 ‘…’ tweets in a row that result in me having to read a narrative left to right, bottom to top. Your Twitter stream is confusing.

The Head Exploder

You’re knocking out 40-50 tweets a day and my home feed is literally crying. This is a tough one to counteract because as your following and follower counts go up, you tend to try and keep up with the noise. I lean towards this one sometimes. Sorry.

Engager Types

The Benevolent Teacher

You love to teach. You write beneficial blog posts and share them with the rest of us. You also go out and find extremely useful information to tell us about. I don’t need to go out and search for good stuff because you’ve got me covered. Laura Click, I’m looking at you.

The Wise Counselor

You examine your stream for folks in need and are quick to chime in with your expert advice. John Ellis was a wise counselor for me today when I was having some trouble navigating the sea of nonsense that is SEO. You’re like the superhero of Twitter.

The Witty Conversationalist

You’ve always got a fun reply to the folks in your stream. You manage to be warm and engaging without overloading us with @ replies. Courtenay Rogers is fantastic at this.

The Generous Re-Tweeter

You love to get the word out. When you see a friend in need or an acquaintance with a message to spread, you hop right on that RT button. People love to connect with you because you’re not too wrapped up in your own communicating to give someone else a shout out. Joey Strawn for the win.

The Shrewd Promoter

You know who the quality people are on Twitter. You’re not afraid to give them a shout out and promote their stuff. You take the concept of Follow Friday to a whole new level and actually put some thought into the people you recommend for me to follow. Grant Jenkins does a head exploding job of this… 😉

The Comedian

You’re hilarious. Your tweets make me laugh. Jon Acuff is pretty good at inspiring a solid chuckle.

The People Builder

You’re constantly encouraging folks in an authentic, non-cheesy way. Whether its quotes, scripture, or private messages, you’re a ray of sunshine. It’s really easy to overdo this, but you’ve found that perfect balance between making people feel good and giving them diabetes. Toni Birdsong and Tami Heim are great examples.

So which one are you?

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