Fun Friday: Seinfeld or Friends?

Seinfeld vs. Friends | Kenny Silva's BlogThis is where our brains take a break and we have a fun little chat before everybody checks out for the weekend. You can try your hardest to extrapolate a leadership lesson from this post, in which case I’d gladly give you a digital high 5 and a lollipop as a reward.

So here’s my question: (stolen from a dinner conversation I had earlier)

Seinfeld or Friends?

My answer: Seinfeld.

Why: It’s comedy genius. I love Friends, but Jerry and his crew win hands down.

So, once again, my question to you:

Seinfeld or Friends?
(Show your work.)

  • Joey Strawn

    Seinfeld all the way.

    I, too, and a HUGE fan of Friends, but Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David basically recreated how people view the sitcom and television comedy. There wouldn't be a Friends talking about their days without Seinfeld creating the show about nothing but life.

  • John Ellis

    I am with Joey, Seinfeld all the way. Friends was just a copy.

  • marcus snyder

    Seinfeld, hands down.

    I think they should have stopped manufacturing televisions when that show went off the air.

    (I'm not kidding)

    . m

  • @jeremy_chandler

    Who needs friends when you've got George & Kramer.

    Seinfeld fo sho.

  • athena craft

    FRIENDS is the best comedy of all time. Friends all the way!

  • robertgover

    Definitely FRIENDS!

  • lindseygilstrap

    Seinfeld all the way for me and Jared, too!

  • Whitney

    Friends. I literally laugh out loud multiple times every episode!

  • Alberto

    Seinfeld definitely. I like Friends, but it was a more dramatic ripoff of Seinfeld.