How to Get Tons of Work

How to Get Tons of Consulting Work

Give your best stuff away for free.

Plenty of you clicked that link and expected some sort of gimmick, but that’s what you got. Im sorry for the deception, but my small biz and consulting friends need to know this.

Let me explain…

Old School Protectionism

The old guard would have you keep everything close to your chest. Don’t share your secrets. Don’t give away the ‘special sauce.’ Hold on to your best resources and only help the people who are paying you. Only the best clients get the best advice.

The problem with that approach is when the old guard meets the new customer. The new customer’s brain has been replaced with Google. The new customer doesn’t need to hire you for your knowledge. Every kid with a laptop can go and get knowledge.

The New School

The new customer hires you for your wisdom. They hire you for your expertise. They hire you because you’re on top of your industry. You can make sense of all the information out there and get the job done. You don’t get to be that guy (or gal) until you prove it.

You prove it by giving your best stuff away for free.

  • Your best ideas.
  • Your best content.
  • Your best wisdom.
  • Your best advice.
  • Your best contacts.

One time, I needed a handyman to come draw up an estimate for some work on a client’s house. I had this guy come out and take a look. Half an hour of education later, I was convinced that I could go out to Home Depot, pick up the supplies, and do the work myself.

But, I didn’t. We hired him.

Trust Comes Before the Hire. Not After.

You can’t get the job until you get the trust. The trust comes from educating your customer before they’re even your customer. Give them everything that they need to go out and do it themselves. When they realize that they can’t, you’re the first one they’ll come back to.

For a deeper dive on trust, check out my post called The Secret to Gaining and Maintaining Trust.

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