How Two Words Changed My Life

Two Words that Changed My Life

A little story about the power of words…

A couple of years back, I did not have the best relationship with God. We would hang out on Sundays every once in a while, but that was about it. My girlfriend, however, was one of those “Jesus freaks” I had heard about while growing up in my conservative Catholic church.

One night in 2008, she dragged me along to a small group meeting with some friends from her church. It was a beautiful home and the host couple was very nice. The folks there were foreign to me, but very sweet. And off we go…

Charismatic Craziness

We sat down in a circle and prayed the night in. The host proceeded to say the following,

“We don’t have anything planned, so we’re just going to turn off the lights, put on some worship music, and let the Spirit move.”

What? The traditional guy in me had no idea what was about to happen. The lights went out and the next two hours were brutal. People were crying, singing, and jumping up and down. I was quietly freaking out in my chair and crying for completely different reasons…

Painful Prophesy

Just when I thought I was at the peak of my discomfort, the lady-host came up and started “prophesying” over me.  The central theme of her message was, “stop striving.” About an hour later, her husband would come over and do the same thing.

His message for me? “You have a voice.


As far as striving goes, that was my life at the time. I was constantly out on the road or locked up in my practice room. I was in this constant state of pursuit. I was never good enough. Music was my idol and I was not even attempting to find God’s will for my life.

As far as voice goes, that one made no sense to me. I didn’t really talk to anybody. I was very much in my own little world. I had been a natural leader during my high school and military  years, but those skills had been lying dormant ever since.

Back to the Future

Today, I don’t strive anymore. I’ve learned to give up control (most of the time) and let God do the rest. Also, I get to use my voice through this blog and public speaking engagements. God has blessed that in a lot of ways that I can’t wait to tell you about.

Those two words were two seeds planted in me at a time in my life when I desperately needed to hear them. They’ve stuck with me through these past few years and have permeated my story. God has watered and cared for them. I’m beginning to see fruit that I never expected to see.

And the most interesting part? I thought these people were faking. I didn’t really believe in that Holy Spirit ‘stuff’ and the God’s ability to use people to communicate for Him. I’m ashamed to say that I really thought it was all a show.

But then, God dropped in and reminded me that He’s God and I’m not. Now I’m one of those ‘Jesus Freaks,’ too. Crazy how that works.

Join the conversation: Has anyone ever planted a word in you that drastically altered the course of your life?



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