How You Can Love 250 People Today

Charity:WaterToday is my 27th birthday.

This morning I woke up, shaved, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and so on. It was business as usual.

I didn’t have to think about where I was going to get the water to do any of that.  My neighborhood, like every other American neighborhood, has clean water delivered to it perpetually. It’s just there.

Now travel around the world with me to a prototypical community of 250 in Rwanda. Some little boy in that village had his birthday today, too. He didn’t wake up and take a shower, or brush his teeth, or even have a glass of water. He does have to think about it.

It’s not just there.

What Are We Doing About That?

Today, I want him and the other 249 people in that community to have my birthday.

This is how it works:

In lieu of any birthday love you may want to send my way (drinks, gifts, cards, balloons, etc.) I’m going to ask you to send it their way in the amount of $27. If 186 people will do this, we’ll raise $5000 which is enough to build a well for that whole community.

For 186 people to jump on board, I’m really going to need everyone’s help in getting the word out. Even if you can’t give, please help spread the word.

We’ll accomplish this through an incredible organization called Charity:Water…

1. Click on this link to tweet out the following:

“I’m helping 250 people get access to clean water today. Here’s how you can help too: (cc @kennysilva)”

2. Share this post with all of your Facebook friends:

3. Visit my campaign page on Charity:Water.

Donate as little or as much as you can. 186 folks at $27 is the goal, but is certainly not the minimum (or the maximum.)

Thank you so much for helping me do this. I’m confident that we can reach this goal and help 250 people get access to clean water. If you’d like to subscribe to this blog, I’ll provide timely updates on how the fundraising is coming along.

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