If You Don't Do This, Then You're Not a Leader

leaders take responsibility

Leaders take responsibility…

  • for their mission. A great leader knows what he (or she) needs to do and does it. If they don’t, there’s no one else to pass the charge to.
  • for their circumstances. They don’t say things like “I don’t think it can be done,” or “the market is tough right now.” A great leader makes things happen.
  • for their people. A great leader knows that the people around him are his greatest asset. He takes responsibility for their growth as both employee and person. He invests in them.
  • for their families. A great leader loves his family and serves them well. He sacrifices himself for his family; not his family for himself.
  • for their impact. A great leader will change the world, if only for one person.
  • for their development. Leaders are readers. A great leader will never stop learning and growing. If they do, they’re done.
  • for their mistakes. A great leader will own his failures, learn from them, and use those experiences as amazing opportunities for growth.

If you’re not willing to take responsibility, then you’re not willing to be a leader.

So what are you going to take responsibility for today?

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