If You Think You Can't, You're Right

If You Think You Can't, You're RightYou’d love to start your own business…

but you “know” you’re not smart enough.

You dream of quitting your job and moving to Africa to build clean water wells…

but you don’t think you’re strong enough.

You want to change the world…

but what can one person really do?

These are the dangerous lies we tell ourselves in order to rationalize living out lives of mediocrity. We use fear as a crutch to justify an unwillingness to take a giant leap of faith and do something that really matters.

I love this quote from Henry Ford,

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

I’ll share with you an email I received from a friend yesterday morning:

Your words from last Sunday were in my head all week long. (In case you need a reminder, you said regarding my TaeKwonDo tournament “Well if you don’t expect to place in sparring, you’re not going to place.“) Well I thought about that a bit on Monday. And then a bit more on Tuesday. And then even more each day of the week that went by. I’m not great at sparring, but there has to eventually be a first time I place. So I changed my mindset and got mentally prepared to place for two medals – forms AND sparring. So Sat came and here’s what happened…

Forms came first. As each 1st Degree got up to do their form, I analyzed their every move – how high they kicked, how well they kept their arms up in guard/blocking positions, how strong their strikes looked, how firm or flimsy they moved, etc. I came up with a gameplan for sparring every one of them based on how they moved. Forms went fine, and as I expected I would, I placed – got a bronze medal. Then came sparring… drew from my memory for each person I had to spar and put it to work… And it was working… And I advanced… And it was awesome! I ended up tying for 3rd place!

I’m thrilled dude – I’ve never placed for sparring before, and to be honest have felt a bit inept comparing myself to other blackbelts since I became one a couple months ago. But something came over me and I fought for that medal, Lol! If I had to give a speech, I’d give a shout of thanks out to you for putting the initial thought in my head that I needed to adjust my mindset – thanks for your thought on that last week!!!!

I know it was just a brief conversation, but that thought planted a seed that completely changed my competing attitude and my tournament experience!

In case you didn’t notice, he instinctively followed the 5 steps I outlined yesterday.

Tomorrow, we’re going to take a look at some practical ways to adopt a positive mindset and start making good things happen.

Do you have a similar story to share?

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