If You're Not Changing Lives, Then You're Just Being Lazy

Importance of CommunicationHave you ever…

  • read a book that completely rocked your world?
  • had a serious conversation that challenged the way you look at everything?
  • listened to a message or speech that flipped your life upside down?

As leaders, we get to create these life-changing communication experiences.

Wether its a coaching session or a keynote speech, we know that the goal is to create some sort of heart/life change. It’s obvious. This may be heavy and difficult, but at least we’re clear on that expectation. Naturally, we put the effort in to create something decent.

But what happens when we don’t set that expectation?

Too often, we discount that potential impact of our communications. We give presentations that fall flat. We write blog posts that teach nothing. We crank out garbage, 140 characters at a time, on Twitter. We just don’t think those communications are important.

In doing so, we utterly fail to seize opportunities to speak truth, love, and wisdom.

Do You Understand the Power of Communication?

With every blog post, tweet, email, or phone call, you’re a wielding a power much greater than you could ever comprehend. With a single word, you can inject a thought that drastically alters the life of its hearer. Movie cliche time: “With great power comes great responsibility.

The Power to Plant Seeds

I’ve had several conversations in my life where people told me I had the potential to do certain things. Three years ago, someone told me that I should be a writer. I laughed at them on the outside, but they planted a seed on the inside.

God in His grace watered that seed and blessed me with the opportunity to write to you today.

The Power to Wreak Emotional Havoc

I meet people everyday who emotionally defeated and just plain tired. They’re not as close to God as they want to be. They’re working at a job they hate. They haven’t found their spouse and started a family yet. Usually, they feel like they don’t deserve those things.

Why would anyone feel that way? Well, because someone told them that they weren’t worthy of God’s love. Or someone told them that they would never be successful. Someone told them that they were ugly or “un-lovable.”

Don’t be the person who delivers that kind of message.

Stop Passing the Buck

So now you know the kind of power that you’re tapping into every time you decide to dial a phone number or put a pen to paper. This is your chance to embrace that opportunity to invest in the lives of the people with whom you’re communicating. Don’t blow your opportunity.

If you intentionally take advantage of your chances to communicate with people, you can create positive change in a lot of folks’ lives. It’s up to you, however, to recognize your responsibility to do that. To abdicate that responsibility is just lazy.

Great leaders are not lazy.


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