Just Show Up

Open Door OpportunityForgive the departure. We’ll be back to our normally scheduled programming next week…

So often, we tell ourselves we want to do something special. We have big conversations about where we’d like to go or what we’d like to accomplish.

Far too often, those ideas never go any further than words. We encounter some kind of resistance and we move on to something else. My best advice:

Just show up.

Don’t worry about figuring out all of the details. Refuse to give in to the million and one reasons why you can’t. Stop stressing about all the steps in the process. Quit freaking out about how ‘big’ your idea is or how ambitious your goals are.

Just show up.

Build an arc in the middle of a desert. Put in the time. Pour out the sweat. Suffer through the hard hours; even when no one seems to care or understand. Push yourself to the point where nothing you’re doing makes sense any more and you would rather stay home.

Just show up.

Live as you’re led and pursue your God-given calling. Do everything it takes no matter how uncomfortable or scary it is. Break into a full-on sprint towards a firmly closed door just because He told you to. Watch that door swing wide open.

When you realize just how afraid you are of what’s on the other side… just show up.

I’m immeasurably thankful for good friends, sanctified stubbornness, and God’s grace.

More to come.

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