Make a Decision

Make a Decision

What if you could make one big decision today?

You’re suffocating to death in a dead-end job when you know that you were made for so much more. You can stick it out and continue living an unfulfilled life or you can make a plan to get out.

It’s your decision.

There’s a ministry opportunity out there with your name on it. Every little bit of your heart says “go,” but the pesky little voice called the resistance is telling you to stay. Still, God has called  you. Will you go?

It’s your decision.

Decisions are tough. Once you cross a line, you can’t easily uncross it. You’re pretty much committed. Until you walk across that line, however, nothing is ever going to change.

Step up or sit down; its still your decision.

You’re Not the First

  • Scott Harrison realized that the world of upscale party planning did nothing to help the suffering people in Africa, so he left that world to start Charity:Water. He crossed that line and made a decision to change things.
  • Martin Luther refused to tolerate the Catholic Church’s lies and false teaching. God called him to reform the church, so he posted his 95 theses on a big wooden door for all to see. He made a decision; a wildly unpopular one at that.
  • Nehemiah was heart-broken to learn of the broken-down walls of Jerusalem and plight of his people. He cried out to God in his despair and prayed for the strength to stand up to a king and make his decision. God granted his prayer.

Harrison would go on to create an organization that has, to date, brought clean water to nearly 2 million people. Luther would play a central role in sparking the Protestant Reformation. Nehemiah would oversee the monumental task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

Make a Decision

My prayer for you is that you would find the boldness to make a decision today. Have the courage to change your life and the lives of those around you. Ask God for the strength to go out and change the world, if only in a small way.

Don’t do it because I told you to. Do it because you know you should.

So, if you could make one big decision today, what would it be?

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