Monday Kick In the Pants: Are You Rationalizing the Irrational?

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Kick in the PantsWe’ve got something we want to do; an idea that just has to become real. However, there is this resistance that’s stopping us from moving forward.

The resistance can be irrational; we’ve got negative thoughts kicking around, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs that are holding us down. Or, the resistance is rational; we’ve got a few adverse conditions that need to be resolved before we can carry on. Knowing the difference helps us figure out how to deal with it.

Unfortunately, this happy little distinction is not so black and white. Each and every one of us, myself included, has a nasty tendency of taking irrational fears and masking them as rational. It takes a great deal of introspection and self-discipline to discern the difference.

Here are just a few common offenders:

I Don’t Have the Money

Example: My heart’s deepest desire is to start crafting custom tea pots. (Why not?) I need $2000 for a kiln. I can trim back my entertainment budget and have that money in 3 months. Instead of buckling down, I keep on blowing my money and I never buy that kiln.

All the while, I have a perfectly rational excuse. I legitimately don’t have the money. What really happens, however, is that I allow everything else in my life to become my resistance. I give in to everything but my passion and calling. Long story short, I lose.

I Don’t Have Enough Time

This one gets used and abused more than any other.

This is when you use a ‘lack of time’ to justify inaction. Unless your competitors or peers have found a hidden supply of ‘extra’ time that they can tap into, you have just as much time as anyone else. They’ve got enough. So do you.

For more on time management and the ways we tend to botch the job, read:
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I Don’t Have Enough Experience

And you’ll never get enough experience unless you roll your sleeves up and get into the game. I hid behind this one a lot when I started my real estate business. The truth is that you’ll never have all of the experience you really need before you start anything.

Get a team of solid mentors in place, don’t be afraid to ask for advice, and get to work.

And So On…

There’s no magic trick here. I can’t give you a formula for figuring this stuff out, but I can prescribe one word: honesty. We need to be willing to take a good, hard look at what’s holding us back and deal with it accordingly. That’s the only way we’ll get to know our enemy.

And we need to know our enemy, because tomorrow we’re going to war.

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