October 23, 2010 Blog Love

I’m taking 1 day each week to give shout-outs to some blogs and bloggers that I really enjoy and feel like you can benefit from. Here they are:

Michael Hyatt Leading With Purpose

Michael Hyatt is the CEO of Thomas Nelson, social media super-star, and leadership blogger extraordinaire. Everyday I open up his blog and learn a great deal about leadership, productivity, and social media. As an aspiring public speaker, his post titled The 10 Psychological Stages of Public Speaking was a great benefit for me this week.

Brad LomenickOn the Journey

Brad is the director of the young Christian leadership called Catalyst. I was fortunate enough to attend their conference a few weeks ago and I can honestly say that it was two of the most amazing days of my life. I’ve enjoyed reading Brad’s blog over the past few weeks. He’s got some great, practical insight. I enjoyed this post recently: A Few Tips for all the Free Agents and Consultants

Grant JenkinsAn Idol Heart

Grant is a very good friend of mine. He’s been fearlessly sharing his story of the past few months on his blog. His level of authenticity and willingness to be vulnerable has been a strong source of support for a lot of people who find themselves in the midst of life’s storm. I’ve heard many personal stories about how folks have been uplifted and inspired by Grant’s writing. His latest post will get you Thinking.

Lindsey NoblesI’m Just Sayin’

I really enjoy Lindsey’s blog. She’s short and to the point without sacrificing quality. Her posts always get me thinking about something very specific and meaningful without me having to hunker down and scroll through 1000 lines of text. She’s got a knack for saying, in 100 words, something for which what I would need 500. Also, she may or may not be a turtle.

Travis Robertson – Travis Robertson (Blog)

Travis is a business consulting and strategy genius. I’ve heard him speak a few times now on the topic of Millenials in the workforce. He’s extremely passionate about helping us young leader types stand up to the challenge and lead our businesses and organizations into the new era of economy and business. He wrote a fantastic blog post last week about leading vs. managing, titled Are You a Leader or a Manager?

Toni Birdsong & Tami Heim@stickyJesus (Blog)

Toni runs an amazing creative agency in Franklin called Birdsong Creative. They really do incredible work. Tami works in brand development as a partner at The A Group. Together, they created a website named @stickyJesus, that aims to empower and inspire Christians to be better witnesses for Christ in all their digital endeavors online. They’ve got a book coming out in October. I can’t wait to read it!

Who did I miss? Tell me about them below.

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