One Word 2011: WISDOM

One Word 2011 Wisdom

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. They don’t stick. If you need an arbitrary date in order to start working towards a goal, odds are that goal wasn’t very important to you.

If it was, you wouldn’t wait till January 1st to get cracking on it, would you?

I do, however, like the idea of focusing on a concept; an area of growth. To make it even more concise, why not pick just one word? Alece Ronzino came up with this idea last year and she’s at it again with One Word 2011.

Folks are chiming in left and right, so I thought that my first post of the year would be to join in the conversation. Here’s my word:


Wisdom is not to be confused with knowledge. I’m pretty good at knowledge. I’ll geek out with books and blogs all day long. I’ve got truckloads of information kicking around in my head. Unfortunately, all the information in the world is useless if its holder lacks the wisdom to properly apply that knowledge.

After King David died and his son Solomon established his throne in succesion, God appeared to the new king in a dream. Here was Solomon’s prayer:

Give me a God-listening heart so I can lead your people well, discerning the difference between good and evil. For who on their own is capable of leading your glorious people?

1 Kings 3:9 – The Message

He asked nothing for himself; not riches, long life, or doom for his enemies. He simply asked for God’s guidance so that he may lead his people well. The Lord was pleased in his selfless request. He blessed Solomon with wisdom beyond measure…

And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding beyond measure, and breadth of mind like the sand on the seashore…

1 Kings 4:29-30 – ESV

I’m no king. I don’t have rulers from all over the world coming to me for advice like Solomon did. I’m not a highly sought-after consultant in the business world. I’m not at the head of a Fortune 500 company. I don’t preach in front of a small crowd on Sunday mornings.

I’m just not there… yet.

What I do have is leaders sending me emails asking for advice. I have fellow entrepreneurs in need of help developing their businesses. I have friends who need support during difficult struggles. I have people in my life who need to know who Jesus is.

I don’t get to help any of those people with knowledge alone. I need something more.

All Solomon had to do was ask for wisdom and he got it. All I have to do is ask…

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7 – ESV

So, this is me asking God for wisdom this year. Now, its on me to abide in Him and to live a life of obedience. If I pay attention and listen to the Spirit in all things, I will receive that wisdom. I don’t know what its going to look like exactly, but He does. I can’t wait.

What’s your one word for 2011?

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