How to Find An Incredible Wife In 71 Easy Steps

My wife, Suzanne, is amazing. In fact, she’s so wonderful that I would like to help you find someone just like her in 71 easy steps…

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Why Don't I…

What is it in me that knows what God is calling me to do, but can’t bring myself to take the steps to make that happen?

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Immerse Yourself and Win a Free Kindle

Dive in over your head and learn from the talented people around you.

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100 Cups in 100 Days

Over the next 100 days, I’m going to sit down for a cup of coffee with 100 different people.

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Elephants and Arguments

Church leaders should talk about their disagreements. The Elephant Room provides a context for that.

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Fear Makes You Want to Take a Bite Out of God

When God doesn’t show up the way we think that He should, don’t take a chunk out of his leg.

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Show Your Work

As you walk and encounter other wearied travelers, don’t just show them your answer. Show your work.

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BarCamp: The unConference for the unGeek

This is the next stop on this year’s BarCamp Blog Tour.

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Quit Hitting Yourself

If we consider what the Bible says about believers being one body united in Christ, then an attack on one of our Christian brothers or sisters essentially becomes an attack on ourselves.

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What Tetons and Babies Can Teach You About Success

Building a successful business, non-profit, or ministry can be about as imposing as staring up at the highest of mountains. Small steps of faith, however, are the catalytic moments that allow us to accomplish more than we could ever imagine.

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