Resolved: 10. A Humble Heart

A Humble HeartThis post is part of the Resolved series: a collection of 21 personal resolutions that I’m writing/preaching to myself.

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Resolution #10

Resolved, to take hold of the moments in which I would gravitate towards pride, to repent, and to ask God for a humble heart.

What and Why?

Here’s where I explain what I mean and why it matters.


James 1:17 says that every good and perfect gift is from God above. Wether those gifts are material, relational, or spiritual they come from God. They don’t come from us. John the Baptist said it this way,

“A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven.” John 3:27 ESV

Our talents, abilities, possessions, families, jobs, ministries, etc. are all gifts. Even the faith to believe is a gift. Therefore, what do I have to be proud of? If nothing I am able to accomplish is of my own doing, then what right do I have to boast?

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I’m not after a behavior change. Behavioral changes are easy to fake. I can say I’ll ‘be more humble’ and can do that pretty successfully… at least for a little while. The problem is that, without a fundamental change in my character, that behavior is simply a show.

It’s not a natural outpouring of who I really am.

This kind of surface-level change can’t possibly be sustained for any extended period of time. Yet, this is the kind of change we constantly try to affect in our lives. We think that we can pull ourselves up by our boot-straps and simply ‘live a better life.’ It’s exhausting.

We completely leave God out of the process.

When we fail repeatedly, we’re left tired and utterly disillusioned, as if God has somehow forsaken us in the process. What we fail to realize, however, is that we forsook Him. In failing to ask God for help, we try to make it on our own steam.

We try to be Him.

What we need really need is a heart change. This change can only be initiated and sustained by God’s grace and indwelling work in our lives. That grace and indwelling presence was made freely available at the cross.

Grace is there. We only need to accept and rest in it.

If I ask Him to reach in and strip me of all the junk in my heart, then I can count on Him to be faithful and to rebuild me according to His will. Only when He gives me that new humble heart can I gain the precious humility that I’m after. All I have to do is ask.

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How and When?

Here’s where I look at ways to practically apply this resolution to my life.

  1. In those moments where I’m feeling prideful and puffed, to examine my heart and fall on my face about where I’m at.
  2. To literally beg God to work in my life and in my heart. To pray most passionately that He would give me radical humility.

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