Resolved 19: Praise in Blessing

Praise in Blessing

Resolution #19

Resolved, to praise God earnestly in every blessing and to remember that such blessings were never meant to terminate upon themselves.


This doesn’t mean falling to my knees in the middle of Chick-fil-A before I start in on a spicy chicken sandwich, (although I sometimes feel moved to do just that.) It’s as simple as giving thanks in small moments. Consistent praise leads to a genuinely thankful heart.

This can never be about the show. It’s one thing to raise your hands in the air out of an overflow of the heart. It’s quite another to do it because you want people to see you do it. Jesus had some sharp words for the Pharisees on that kind of thing in Matthew 6:5-8.


Blessings come in many shapes and sizes. From something as insignificant as a chicken sandwich to a gift so precious as a newborn child, we are bathed in blessings from above. Much more than that, life in itself is a blessing. We have much to be thankful for.

Don’t get me wrong here; in no way am I claiming that a life with God is all blessing and no suffering. Make no mistake, suffering will come. Much more on that in tomorrow’s post


The Book of Ecclesiastes is full of great wisdom regarding the fleeting nature of the blessings we experience in this lifetime. Ultimately, all of these things are created and meant to point to a much greater Creator. It’s when we mistake the blessings or ultimate things in themselves that we fall.

We worship the creature over the Creator… [Rom 1:25] The Bible has a word for this; idolatry – and if we had more time we could talk about how that very sin is responsible for all of our troubles. In short, when we take good things and turn them into God things, we give glory, praise, and worship to created things that will undoubtedly fail us in the end.

The truth is that we were created for God’s glory. All of creation points to Him and is meant to lead us to Him. [Psalm 19:1, Rom 2:4] That means that, in those times of blessing, I always want to praise His name for the gift, but not because of the gift. That also means that I need to praise him even when I don’t get the gift.

Again, more on that tomorrow.

Question: What are you thankful for today?

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