Resolved: 8. Nightly Reflection

Nightly Reflection

This post is part of the Resolved series: a collection of 21 personal resolutions that I’m writing/preaching to myself.

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Resolution #8

Resolved, to close each day with an honest, Spirit-led reflection on the moments in which God’s grace has been most evident as well as the moments in which I’ve fallen short.

What and Why?

Here’s where I explain what I mean and why it matters.


I think if we all dig down deep, we’ll find that the person we lie to the most is the same one we see in the mirror every morning. In a conversation between me and God, the only person I can lie to is myself. The more I lay on the table and the less I try to rationalize/excuse, the better this will work.


My wisdom is tiny, experience is limited, and my perception is biased. As honest as I can be with myself, I still need an outside point of view. That’s why I want to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to convict me and show me what I really need to see.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!” Psalm 139:23-24 ESV

Evidences of God’s Grace

God shows up in our daily lives over and over again. We rarely slow down and pay attention. From the close call on the freeway, through the fortuitous parking spot by the door, to the job that we’re blessed to have, God is constantly showering His grace upon us.

Each night, I want to take a moment to run through those moments and say thank you. I need to remember them because in those spiritually dry seasons where God seems a million miles away, those are the memories that will remind me of just how close He really is.

Falling Short

Here’s where the leading of the Spirit and my honesty with Him is most important. There are plenty of moments in my day when I drop the ball. I find myself thinking, “I wish I would’ve done that differently” more than I’d like.

Whatever sin I may have committed is still serious; serious enough for Jesus to have had to die for it. Still, not a single one of those sins is beyond His grace. Because of that gift, this can be my opportunity to accept conviction, to move forward, and to grow.

How and When?

Here’s where I look at ways to practically apply this resolution to my life.

  1. Schedule 5-10 minutes to do this as part of my evening devotional time.

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