Resolved: 9. Walking as I'm Led

Walk as I'm LedThis post is part of the Resolved series: a collection of 21 personal resolutions that I’m writing/preaching to myself.

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Resolution #9

Resolved, to walk faithfully and obediently in response to the leading of God the Holy Spirit; foregoing all fear of failure and concern for my own comfort.

What and Why?

Here’s where I explain what I mean and why it matters.

Walking Faithfully

Here’s who both saved and continues to save me:

  • Jesus

Here’s what didn’t save me:

  • Me
  • Another Person
  • Religion
  • Self-Help
  • A Guru
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Food
  • Insert Idol Here

The only One who should get my worship is the only One who is worthy of all worship. When I walk faithfully in pursuit of Him, my joy is made that much more complete. When I don’t, my joy is made that much more difficult to obtain.

Walking Obediently

Obedience is the response to God’s incredible grace. Here’s the kicker: all of my obedience will not make God love me any more than he already does. His love is unconditional. Nothing I can do will ever affect the way He feels about me. Any attempts by me to manipulate His affections (a.k.a religion) are ultimately acts of self-righteousness.

Isaiah referred to this kind of righteousness as ‘filthy rags.’ [Isa 64:6 NIV]

Following the Leader

This is the part where I talk about reckless abandonment.

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would come and dwell inside of those who would follow and believe in Him. Biblically speaking, the third person of the Trinity (a.k.a. God) comes to take up residence in each and every Christian.

The same power that literally spoke creation into existence is covenantally walking with, strengthening, and encouraging us in our faith. Yet, for some reason we try to live out our daily lives apart from that truth. It’s like trying to drive without gas in the car.

His ability is so much greater than ours. My personal prayer is that I would get to the place where I am so insecure in my own ability that I can do nothing but rely on the grace of God to direct my actions and guide my decisions.

The Fear of Failure

Rather than repeat myself, I wrote this post on failure a few months back.

Comfort is Overrated

Once again, I’ve been ringing this bell for months now.

How and When?

Here’s where I look at ways to practically apply this resolution to my life.

  1. Stop trying to do things apart from His leadership.
  2. To pray always and ask for direction.
  3. To stop making decisions apart from His guidance.

That’s it for resolution #9. If you’d like to keep up with this series, feel free to click one of the links below and subscribe to my RSS feed.

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