Serve the Best Wine

Serving the Best Wine

Religious or not, we’ve all heard the story before…

  • Jesus gets invited to a first century Hebrew wedding.
  • The party rages on.
  • The last box of Franzia runs dry.
  • Some servants bring Jesus 6 bottles of Aquafina.
  • Jesus changes the water into a 1787 Chateau Lafite Bordeaux.

How’s that for contextualization?

If you want to read the story for yourself (please do) check out John 2:1-12. As I was reading tonight, this truth hit me: Everybody knows that Jesus turned water into wine. The part that often gets left out, however, is that he changed it into the best wine. [John 2:9-10]

Jesus could’ve settled for making a little more Franzia. He could’ve even made a slight bump to the always-classy Two-Buck Chuck. He could’ve simply given them ‘good enough’ to make them happy. Being the infinite giver that He is, however, Jesus did much more than that.

Jesus blessed them with the best wine.

This makes me wonder about how I live my life. When I write, am I serving my best thoughts, or am I phoning in the bare minimum? When I give advice, am I plumbing the depths of my heart, or am I slinging worn-out platitudes? When I see my friends, are they getting the best of me?

How about you?

  • When you serve, are you giving your best time?
    Or, is it the scraps left over from your week?
  • When you spend time with your family, are you giving them your best attention?
    Or, is half of you still at the office?
  • When you give to those in need, are you giving things that you would buy for yourself?
    Or, do you buy the knock-offs at the dollar store?

We don’t have to settle for ‘good enough.’ We can go above and beyond because we have a Savior who went above and beyond for us. Wouldn’t our lives shine that much brighter if, for once, we held back the cheap,easy stuff and gave away our best?

That’s my challenge for the week. Will you join me?

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