Setting People on Fire (Not Literally)

How to Set People on FireDo you get excited when you talk about what you do? Do you feel yourself slip into a frenzy of over-exaggerated enthusiasm when you describe your line of work? Do you seek out opportunities to communicate your vision to the people around you? Are you going to explode if you can’t get every single person you meet to see that vision with you?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, then you have some serious re-evaluation to do.

Why’s that? Because the world you used to live in, the one where “just getting by” was ok, is gone and it isn’t coming back.

There was a time when we could get by with living quiet, mediocre lives inside of our safe little mass produced bubbles. Well, the days of our fathers are over and done with. The days of being content with working 9-5 in a factory job cranking out widgets have passed us by. I’m sorry, but they aren’t coming back.

We Millenials, as they call us, are the most cause-oriented and mission-minded generation this world has ever seen. We want our time here on earth to count for something bigger than ourselves. We want to be every bit of who God created us to be. Our generation will not settle for leading lives of quiet desperation. We crave authenticity, purpose, and passion in our own lives. We expect the same from you.

From a consumer’s point of view, if you lack these 3 things, I will not buy from you. No matter what you’re selling, I will not buy it from you. If you’re dishonest or engaged in some other deceitful pursuit, you lack authenticity and I don’t want to do business with you. If you’re not focused on improving the lives of people, whether in your community or the world in general, then you don’t really have a purpose (in my mind) for being in business.

Leader types, if you can’t get me to buy from you, then good luck getting me to follow you.

Most importantly, when you lack passion for what you’re doing, there is no way on Earth that you can expect me to connect with your story. Passion is the fire that burns deep within and you are the vessel; created to carry it out before the world. When you are truly passionate about what you’re doing, that fire cannot be contained. It wells up to the surface. It shoots out of your eyes and mouth as you loudly proclaim to everyone you meet:

This is who I am and this is what I was created for!

The flames of your passion need to burn so wildly that you can’t help but catch me on fire in the process.

That’s how your going to sell me on your mission.
That’s how you’re going to get me to believe your cause.
That’s how you’re going to get me to follow you.

The best part; the part where you really win, is when I run out and catch all of my friends and their friends on fire for you.

There is no substitute for authentic and purposeful passion. You can’t manufacture it and you can’t fake it because you will be found out. Quickly. Our generation will not tolerate dishonesty any longer. We will not tolerate mediocrity. We need passion.

If you’re going to succeed in business and life, you need to get passionate and you need to do it quickly. You won’t like the alternative.

So, can you get passionate enough about your business to set me on fire?

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