Soccer Moms, Grocery Carts, and Content Strategy

Soccer Moms, Shopping Carts, and Content Strategy

Track along as I explain what my style of grocery shopping revealed to me about blog content strategy…

Grocery Shopping:
The Single Man Method

Unfortunately, this is the method that I’ve been using.

  • Go to the store, grab a cart.
  • Pick up some stuff from the produce section.
  • Zig zag up and down each isle.
  • Pick up whatever piques your interest.
  • Make a few random trips back and forth.
  • Go home with a dissolved assortment of goodies.

This approach typically leads to a decent dinner on grocery night followed by a week full of gleaning random junk from the refrigerator and pantry. This method will also inspire you to fill the holes in quality refrigerator content with not-so-quality fast food. Like a car running on low-grade gasoline, the single man putters and slogs along on McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

Grocery Shopping:
The Soccer Mom Method

  • Plan a few meals for the week.
  • Create a shopping list.
  • Head to the store.
  • Pick up the things on the list.
  • Go home with the week’s necessary ingredients.

These ladies know what they want to accomplish before they even think about heading to the store. The result; they make a list, go to the store, and get the job done. Undoubtedly, this method saves time, money, and energy. Also, the soccer mom receives the added benefit of raising a healthy family that can go out and be productive.

What on Earth does this have to do with content strategy?


In planning this bog’s content for 2011, I realized something about 2010. I’ve been taking the single man’s approach. I would start the week with a general idea of what I want to do and go from there. On Monday, I might feel like writing about time management. So, I wrote about time management. On Tuesday, I might feel like writing about social media. And so on.

I was basically rolling up and down the aisles of my mind (or bookshelf,) picking up the colorful ideas, and putting them into the cart. The result was often a less-than-nutritious diet of random knowledge.

This year, I’m taking the soccer mom approach. I’ve spent a lot of time planning content out for the next 12 months. For the most part, I know which topics I’ll be covering and on what days I’ll be writing about them.

The benefits for you?


Each post will contribute towards your development as a leader in a specific way. You can read more about that purpose on the about page.


You’ll know what to expect each day of the week.


I’ve spent a lot of time researching to find out the topics that are most important to you. Those are the topics that I’ll be writing most about.

So, what’s that look like?


Motivation and mind-set. The best way to start the week is on a positive note. Monday’s posts will be all about motivating you to adopt a positive mindset and thrive throughout the week. Most of these posts will be of an inspirational nature.

Example: How to Eradicate Self Sabotage


Tips & how-to’s. Tuesday’s posts will be topical and instructional. This is going to be the meaty day. These posts will be long and chock full of practical information. They will primarily be how-to guides, best practices, and step-by-step methods.

Example: Make Your Team Dangerous – The 5 Step Guide


Social Media. Business leaders everywhere are trying to take advantage of the new social web. Wednesday’s posts will be about leveraging these new tools for branding, sales, customer service, etc. Expect practical guides, case studies, and some other good stuff.

Example: How Do You Define Connection?


Topical. Thursday is going to be a riffy kind of day. I’ll write on different topics in a conceptual manner. Book reviews will also be posted on Thursday. This day will be the wildcard.

Example: 5 Lessons Learned About Leadership From an Orchestral Conductor


Fun Posts and Stories. On Fridays, I’ll be writing light-hearted, community-engagement based posts. Also, I’ll be writing short stories that pertain to the week’s mindset topic. I used to love writing fiction, so why not get back into it?

Example: Fun Friday – Who Would You Meet?


So, I planned out dinner for the year, wrote up the shopping list and went to the store. All that’s left is to prepare the meal. If you don’t like what Im cooking, feel free to call me out.

Remember, this blog is for you.

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