In order to capture an audience’s attention, you need a speaker who not only knows his or her stuff, but is engaging and passionate. If you want someone to read 3-point Powerpoint slides to the crowd, then I’m not your guy.

If you want someone to entertain, as well as educate, then we’re in business.

Here’s what people have said…

“As someone who has worked with and spoken to the Millennial generation, I can tell you that Kenny’s is a message that they need to hear. This is a generation in need of true leadership and Kenny delivers it.”
Travis Robertson Owner & CEO at The Don’t Settle Group

“In his words and actions, he has wisdom beyond his years. As a leader and speaker, Kenny brings out the absolute best in those around him.”
Tyler Clark, Social Media Strategist, Gannett (The Tennessean)

“…a well-versed, eloquent and spirited speaker… he truly knows how to reach his audience.”
Dani Heileman, Creative Director, Red Canary Creative

“…a world class communicator and a self-driven student of leadership.”
Barry Owen, Founder, Pareto Realty

“Kenny inspires me every time I hear him speak…”
Ashley Segroves, Owner, Ashley Segroves Photography

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