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Stop Asking For Permission

Stop Asking For Permission

I  stumbled upon this great quote tonight:

“If you want to achieve greatness,
stop asking for permission.”

It stopped me in my tracks. After giving it the ‘ol SU thumbs up, I sat and thought about it for a little while. It’s an interesting thought because many of us struggle with this to some degree.

Permission Denied

The passionate missionary wants to give her life in service to the Lord and His people. She asks her family for permission to head off into danger. Her family says no, “You need to sit down and stay where its safe.” She misses her calling.

The hard-working office worker comes up with a way to save the company millions. She asks her under-qualified, ill-equipped middle manager for permission to make it happen. He says no; it’ll make him look bad. The company suffers.

The would-be entrepreneur wants to create something amazing. He asks his wallet for permission to sacrifice his job position and financial comfort. His credit cards say no, “You’ve got bills to pay.” The business never happens.

Brought Down From Within

Most often, we ask ourselves for permission. Surprisingly, we like to tell ourselves no.

In my own life, I’ve used the pursuit of internal permission to rationalize my way out of doing a lot of things. Operating under the guise of wisdom and discernment, I’ve managed to wimp out on some great opportunities. We truly can be our own worst enemies sometimes.

Passion Granted

Here’s my challenge. Stop asking.

  • Stop asking for permission to pursue your dreams.
  • Start taking the necessary steps to bring them to fruition.
  • Stop asking for permission to follow your passion.
  • Start doing the work that makes you come alive.
  • Stop asking for permission to achieve greatness.
  • Start being bold in your disregard for the status quo.

Now that you have permission to stop asking for permission, get out there and do something that matters. No one can stop you.

What kind of permission are you looking for?

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