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What If We've Already Won?

victory in ChristWhat if we knew that every battle we were getting ready to face this week has already been fought and won for us?

  • Every personal addiction problem.
  • Every strained relationship.
  • Every troubling business situation.
  • Every financial security concern.
  • Every fight to please the people around us.

We spend most of our days fighting to ‘solve’ these ‘problems.’ We’re always sprinting towards the next solution. We strive for a state of peace. How would our lives look different if, instead of racing to the finish line, we graciously walked towards the winner’s circle?


7 Traits of a Great Leader

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Faith Based Leadership | 7 Traits of a Great Leader

We’ve been talking about building foundations and how important that is to bothpersonal and corporate success. In my last post, we talked about leaders having to stand upon a firm basis of character, integrity, and identity. I promise you, I can ask 10 different people what those principles look like to them, and I’ll get 10 different definitions. Luckily, the Bible contains a wealth of information on the subject.