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How to Get Tons of Work

How to Get Tons of Consulting Work

Give your best stuff away for free.

Plenty of you clicked that link and expected some sort of gimmick, but that’s what you got. Im sorry for the deception, but my small biz and consulting friends need to know this.

Let me explain…


How Giving Will Get You Everything You Want

I am reposting this blog that I wrote on an old website last year. After reading Courtenay Rogers’ post on unselfish networking today, I decided that I should chime in on that discussion.

Leaders Developing RelationshipsSo there I was, using this snowy day as an excuse to stay home and feed my Facebook addiction when a complete stranger starts up a Facebook chat with me. Not sure how we’re friends, but that’s cool; I actually enjoy talking to strangers. I’ll spare you the entire discourse, but suffice it to say:

  • His first line (in place of “hello”) was “What kind of contacts do you have?
  • His response to my confused reply was “I want to be a model. Do you know any famous people?

The ensuing conversation was silly to say the least, but it got me thinking about how many of these type conversations I’ve encountered here in Music City. You know what I’m talking about…


7 Myths About Failure

7 Myths About FailureYesterday we got rid of some internal self-defeating garbage. Today we’re going to get practical.

Hopefully, we’ve now decided that we are going to refuse to be identified as failures. That’s the first step and an important one at that. It frees us up to take the next step and start working towards our dreams, goals, and vision.

In refusing to be identified as a failure, we’ve saved ourselves from immobilizing fear. Unfortunately, we’ve not been absolved of our need to proceed skillfully. The concept of failure and the consequences of such do still remain.

In order to understand failure, we need to look at some common myths surrounding failure:


5 Little Steps to Success

5 Steps to a Successful OutcomeI had to reach pretty far back for this example…

Think about the last time you successfully approached a member of the opposite sex. A time when you walked away with a date, a phone number, or just a name  – go,go, gadget Facebook.

  • What was going through your mind?
  • Were you freaking out?
  • Had you already convinced yourself that you were destined for utter rejection?