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The World is a Classroom – Are You Paying Attention?

Are You Paying Attention?I never used to pay attention in school. I would get good grades, but my head would always be way out in left field. I’d either be doing the homework for my next class or playing a video game on my TI-83 graphing calculator.¬†This was a bad way to learn.

A lot of us are living our lives this way.

People, places, and experiences are flashing by with each waking moment. Thanks to the rise of the smart phone, we’ve stopped paying attention. We are surrounded by and immersed in a world that begs to teach us so much, but our heads are down and we’re simply not listening.


6 Ways to Take Advantage of Others' Leadership Experience

leadership trainingIf you read yesterday’s post, you’re already on your way to reading more and developing your leadership IQ. That’s fantastic, but I’m sorry to say that its not enough. Book knowledge is great, but the real development comes when you get out and learn from other leaders who have gone before you.

Here are some ways to develop your leadership skills by gleaning from others: