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Why Don't I…

What is it in me that knows what God is calling me to do, but can’t bring myself to take the steps to make that happen?

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3 Steps to Saving Your Business

You realized that your game changing get-rich-quick idea is going to take a little more time to mature than you thought…

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"That is Why I Succeed"

“I’ve failed over, and over, and over again in my life. That is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

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7 Myths About Failure

The concept of failure and the consequences of such do still remain. In order to understand failure, we need to look at some common myths surrounding failure.

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Failure is Not My Identity

We’ve been given complete and ultimate hope in our lives. If I can really trust in God for my salvation, then I can really trust him with my identity as well. He’s good enough to cover both. Therefore, I choose to risk failure each and every day.

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