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Fear Makes You Stupid

Fear Makes You Want to Take a Bite Out of God

When God doesn’t show up the way we think that He should, don’t take a chunk out of his leg.

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Stop Asking For Permission

Stop Asking For Permission

I  stumbled upon this great quote tonight: “If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.” It stopped me in my tracks. After giving it the ‘ol SU thumbs up, I sat and thought about it for a little while. It’s an interesting thought because many of us struggle with this to some degree. (more…)

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The 5 Benefits of Saying No

5 Lovely Benefits of Saying No

No is an ugly word that us people-pleaser types just hate using. We want to say yes to every little opportunity that comes our way. I’ll take this project, that project, and every project in between. Before I know it, I’ll have 26 hours each day committed to fulfilling the requests I said yes to.

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4 Ways to Overcome Fear

4 Decisive Ways to Conquer Fear Today

Fear will rule your life and control your every decision. It will steer you right into the ground if you let it. If we’re going to accomplish anything in this life, we’ve got to overcome fear.

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