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Kenny Silva's Blog | Faith Based Leadership - FocusI feel like I’m being pitched a new project every day. Most of them seem really great. They’ll be fun, interesting, and worth my enthusiastic participation. The majority of them, however, will not help me accomplish my personal life goals.

Sure, I’ll have fun working on them and probably earn some folks’ approval, but they’ll ultimately subtract from the greater things I’m trying to accomplish with my life.

I’ll spend time fulfilling the plans that other people have for my life, and less time on the calling that God has spoken into my life. Sound familiar?


You’re a Leader – Don’t Drop the Ball

You're a Leader | Kenny Silva's BlogLast Sunday after church, our small group discussed the idol of power that Pete Wilson had taught about earlier that day. During the discussion, one of our group members claimed that he was a ‘chronic follower’ and didn’t have to struggle with power issues. I found that idea to be pretty interesting, so I spent some time thinking about it. My conclusion: what a dangerous way of selling ourselves short.


7 Traits of a Great Leader

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Faith Based Leadership | 7 Traits of a Great Leader

We’ve been talking about building foundations and how important that is to bothpersonal and corporate success. In my last post, we talked about leaders having to stand upon a firm basis of character, integrity, and identity. I promise you, I can ask 10 different people what those principles look like to them, and I’ll get 10 different definitions. Luckily, the Bible contains a wealth of information on the subject.