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Waking The Leader Within

Leadership DevelopmentIn my younger years, I was attracted to positions of leadership. I was usually the captain in sports or the president of some after-school club. This carried on to my military years, as I would usually find myself in positions of leadership amongst my peers.

When I got into music, however, I turned inward and spent most of my time in isolation. For 5 years, I didn’t spend too much time with groups of people. My leadership skills went into atrophy. I had been neglecting a large segment of my skill-set. It took a pastor to remind me who I was. (more…)

Make Your Team Dangerous: The 5 Step Guide

Make Your Team Dangerous in 5 StepsYou want your team to be dangerous, right?

Don’t be shy. I know I do.

I want my business to be dangerous for my competitors the same way Coca-Cola wants to be dangerous for Pepsi. I want my service and non-profit work to be dangerous for social injustice and poverty the same way that A21 Campaign wants to be dangerous for human traffickers.

I want my business and my ministry to be dangerous!

Is this a radical way of looking at things?