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Trust in Leadership

The Key to Influence: Can I Trust You?

This is the first question that people ask. As leaders, this is our chance to win or lose someone forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new leader in a company or you just started a small church group. If you don’t pass this test, you don’t gain influence.

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Relevance and the question Why

Why Should I Listen to You?

We’ve got to communicate our intentions in a way that naturally answers the question, “why?” It is only then that we can truly start to influence others.

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Gaining Trust with Integrity

The Secret to Gaining and Maintaining Trust

We all struggle with idea of reputation management. It’s very easy to promise one thing and deliver something completely different. When the story you tell matches the story you live, people notice. By being a leader of great integrity, you will naturally earn trust.

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How to Get Tons of Consulting Work

How to Get Tons of Work

Give your best stuff away for free.

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2 Pesky Problems With Playing Perfect

2 Pesky Problems With Playing Perfect

We’re the head honchos, the boss men. We’re in charge, so of course we’ve got everything together. We say jump and our followers ask “how high?” We don’t make mistakes. Our word is ultimate, so you better get in line. We’ve got the benefit of years of experience, vision, resources, and wisdom. We’re the bees’ […]

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Thoughts on Influence | Kenny Silva

Some Thoughts on Influence…

Leadership is all about influence. It is the invisible force that drives people to follow you and carry out your instructions.

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