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The Key to Influence: Can I Trust You?

Trust in Leadership

This is the first question that people ask about you. As leaders, this is our chance to win or lose someone forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new leader in a company or you just started a small church group. If you don’t pass this test, you don’t gain influence.

Without influence, you cannot lead.


Why Should I Listen to You?

Relevance and the question WhyIf you’re a leader, you’ve got something to say…

  • “You should follow me.”
  • “You should do what I tell you to do.”
  • “You should buy my company’s product.”
  • “You should care about my cause.”
  • “You should read my book.”

My immediate response is, “Why?

I’m busy. I have a business to run, friends to spend time with, and other things to do. Why should I drop what I’m doing and listen to you? Why should I abandon my previous opinion and adopt yours? Why should I do anything that you tell me to do? Why should I care?


The Secret to Gaining and Maintaining Trust

Gaining Trust with Integrity

If you’re going to have a positive influence over anyone or anything, you’re going to need to earn trust. Trust is what allows you to lead a prospective customer to a sale, a team to victory, or a business to success.

“Leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing less.” John Maxwell

No Trust = No Influence = No Leadership

So how do we earn someone’s trust? Next, how do we maintain that trust?

Here’s the secret in one word:


How to Get Tons of Work

How to Get Tons of Consulting Work

Give your best stuff away for free.

Plenty of you clicked that link and expected some sort of gimmick, but that’s what you got. Im sorry for the deception, but my small biz and consulting friends need to know this.

Let me explain…


2 Pesky Problems With Playing Perfect

2 Pesky Problems With Playing PerfectLeaders, we absolutely love playing perfect.

We’re the head honchos, the boss men. We’re in charge, so of course we’ve got everything together. We say jump and our followers ask “how high?” We don’t make mistakes. Our word is law, so you better get in line. We’ve got the benefit of years of experience, vision, resources, and wisdom. We’re the bees’ knees.

Do you agree? Is this you?


Some Thoughts on Influence…

Thoughts on Influence | Kenny Silva's Blog | Faith Based LeadershipLeadership is all about influence. It is the invisible force that drives people to give a hoot about what you’re saying and follow you. A leader without influence is like a kite without wind; lifeless and grounded.

Influence is a by-product of trust.

Think about someone you really trust. I’m not talking about someone you trust to successfully execute a Starbucks run for you. I’m talking about someone who you can trust with your ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Does this person have any influence over you or your decisions. Most of you just said yes. If you didn’t, I’d humbly ask you to re-evaluate the level of trust you have in your friend.