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Show Your Work

Show Your WorkBig thanks to Joey Strawn for teasing this long overdue blog post out of me this morning…

I’ve always been good at math. Something about my right-brain sees numbers and situations and enjoys making sense of them. My problem, however, is that my right-brain is so fixed on solutions and results that I tend to completely neglect the process.

I’ll get you the right answer, but good luck getting me to show the work. This is the reason why my 12th grade Calculus teacher absolutely hated me.

Exit the high school and enter the big classroom that we call life; this approach is great for getting things done, but terrible for experiencing any sort of meaningful growth along the way. It’s a fantastic way to get to the destination but a miserable way to enjoy the trip.

Does this sound like a fun way to live?

Not really. When we fix our eyes on the destination to the exclusion of the beauty and wonder that occurs around us in every moment, we miss out on all that God would want to show us. Don’t get me wrong, as adopted children, we do have a destination that has been fixed from the foundation of this world, but there’s a whole lot of lifetime that separates us from that destination and we can’t simply ignore it.

A Different Path

For those who would believe, we all possess this common destination of glory. The beauty of our individual stories, however, comes in the journey to get there. Although we all may have the same destination, we’re all getting there by a different path. This path is rocky and full of obstacles, yet every detail of it has been laid by the sovereign God of the universe and every our step has been ordered through the Son whom He sent to save us.

If your life were a math problem, you’ve already got the solution in the perfect, finished work of Christ. Now its on you and its on me to work out that salvation that God has worked within is. Set your hope on the promised result, but don’t forget to pay attention as you walk down that path.

As you walk and encounter other wearied travelers, don’t just show them your answer.

Show your work.

3 Simple Lessons From the Greatest Leader Ever

Jesus Leadership LessonsI’m out of town this weekend, so today’s post is a guest submission from Lee G Turley. Lee is a Nashville entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and consultant. You can read more about him below this post.

I can go ahead and sum this post up for you if you’re in a hurry: Religious or not, if you’re aiming to become a great leader you’d being doing yourself a disservice by not spending some time studying Jesus’ leadership style.


12 Signs of a Humble Leader

HumilityYesterday, I wrote about humility. Today I want to see what a humble leader really looks like.

When we talk in terms of sheer historical impact, there’s little argument that Jesus Christ was the most explosive leader of all time. There are over 2 billion professing Christians in the world today. Wether you know Him as the Son of God or just a good teacher, you can’t argue with the empirical results.

Follow along with these historically reliable accounts of His life and you’ll see the ideal of what a humble leader should look like.