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Where Does a Pure Heart Come From?

Pure HeartHere’s some practical(I hope) theology with a tiny splash of diet Calvinism…

Yesterday, I wrote about the aim of our charge as disciples. In short and simple terms, our aim is to be agents of God’s love. Not our tiny human understanding of love, but God’s love; His infinitely un-knowable grace and mercy.

Our only hope for conveying that kind of love comes from a combination of three sources.

“The aim of our charge is love that issues from (1.)a pure heart and (2.)a good conscience and a (3.)sincere faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5

Today, we’re talking about that first source. Here’s what the Bible says about the journey of my heart in 3 stages. I won’t talk about your heart, lest I get absolutely destroyed in the comments section. I do hope, however, that you can relate somehow with my experience.


Drowning in An Ocean of Glory

Ocean of Glory

As I stood by the ocean this past weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about just how incredibly vast it is. There are 332 million cubic miles of water on the Earth. That’s 36.6 sextillion gallons. If sextillion isn’t a readily accessible number, think of 1000 trillions.

Still lost in the magnitude? That’s ok. There is nothing I can do to help you wrap your head around the sheer volume of water contained on the surface of this planet. It’s an unfathomable quantity.

We must accept the fact that we aren’t able to comprehend it.


Just Show Up

Open Door OpportunityForgive the departure. We’ll be back to our normally scheduled programming next week…

So often, we tell ourselves we want to do something special. We have big conversations about where we’d like to go or what we’d like to accomplish.

Far too often, those ideas never go any further than words. We encounter some kind of resistance and we move on to something else. My best advice:

Just show up.


How You Can Love 250 People Today

Charity:WaterToday is my 27th birthday.

This morning I woke up, shaved, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and so on. It was business as usual.

I didn’t have to think about where I was going to get the water to do any of that.  My neighborhood, like every other American neighborhood, has clean water delivered to it perpetually. It’s just there.


How Giving Will Get You Everything You Want

I am reposting this blog that I wrote on an old website last year. After reading Courtenay Rogers’ post on unselfish networking today, I decided that I should chime in on that discussion.

Leaders Developing RelationshipsSo there I was, using this snowy day as an excuse to stay home and feed my Facebook addiction when a complete stranger starts up a Facebook chat with me. Not sure how we’re friends, but that’s cool; I actually enjoy talking to strangers. I’ll spare you the entire discourse, but suffice it to say:

  • His first line (in place of “hello”) was “What kind of contacts do you have?
  • His response to my confused reply was “I want to be a model. Do you know any famous people?

The ensuing conversation was silly to say the least, but it got me thinking about how many of these type conversations I’ve encountered here in Music City. You know what I’m talking about…


If You're Willing, You're Able

If You're Willing, You're Able

If you’re not, then you aren’t. So many of us are faced with incredible opportunities, but as soon as we face something that stretches us, we throw our hands up. We say things like “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” and move on, leaving our dreams and vision in the dust.

A year ago, I would have said some things like:


5 Little Steps to Success

5 Steps to a Successful OutcomeI had to reach pretty far back for this example…

Think about the last time you successfully approached a member of the opposite sex. A time when you walked away with a date, a phone number, or just a name  – go,go, gadget Facebook.

  • What was going through your mind?
  • Were you freaking out?
  • Had you already convinced yourself that you were destined for utter rejection?


Setting People on Fire (Not Literally)

How to Set People on FireDo you get excited when you talk about what you do? Do you feel yourself slip into a frenzy of over-exaggerated enthusiasm when you describe your line of work? Do you seek out opportunities to communicate your vision to the people around you? Are you going to explode if you can’t get every single person you meet to see that vision with you?



Kenny Silva's Blog | Faith Based Leadership - FocusI feel like I’m being pitched a new project every day. Most of them seem really great. They’ll be fun, interesting, and worth my enthusiastic participation. The majority of them, however, will not help me accomplish my personal life goals.

Sure, I’ll have fun working on them and probably earn some folks’ approval, but they’ll ultimately subtract from the greater things I’m trying to accomplish with my life.

I’ll spend time fulfilling the plans that other people have for my life, and less time on the calling that God has spoken into my life. Sound familiar?