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Stop Asking For Permission

Stop Asking For Permission

I  stumbled upon this great quote tonight:

“If you want to achieve greatness,
stop asking for permission.”

It stopped me in my tracks. After giving it the ‘ol SU thumbs up, I sat and thought about it for a little while. It’s an interesting thought because many of us struggle with this to some degree.


The Violent Opposition of a Mediocre Mind

Albert Einstein

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

I came across this quote earlier and spent a good bit of time thinking about it. My mind immediately gravitated towards examples such as:

  • Christian Martyrs (St. Stephen, John Huss, Jim Elliot)
  • Revolutionary Leaders (Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Ghandi)
  • Business Innovators (Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Charles Schwab)

I saw it as black and white. “Great spirits” were amazing trail blazers and “mediocre minds” were the sluggards standing in the way. The violence, whether physical or emotional, was between two opposed parties. Then I realized that I was seeing it all wrong.

Yes, you and I are those great spirits… but we are also those mediocre minds.


Every Entrepreneur's Struggle

Overcoming DoubtDoubt.

It doesn’t matter how sure you are of your purpose and your pursuit, you’re going to experience seasons of doubt. I’m not talking about doubting the likeliness of events or results, but doubting your very ability to succeed. This is dangerous.

Doubt comes down to a lack of trust; in our vision, in ourselves, in God’s provision… If we truly believe what we’re doing is what we’re supposed to be doing, then what reason do we have to doubt our success? Still, we all do it. No leader is immune.

Where does that doubt come from? Is it completely internal, or do other people ‘inject’ doubt into our lives?



What's Your Internal Script?

Internal Script and MindsetI’ve been taking part in a daily training program over the past few weeks at Keller Williams Realty. It’s geared towards REALTORs; specifically the areas of lead generation and business development. A large component of the course has to do with motivation and self-affirmation.

The program’s facilitator asked each of us to come up with our own personal script/affirmation/prayer. This is the statement that you make to yourself several times a day. It can be a little cheesy, especially when you say it in the mirror, but is an extremely powerful tool.


Why Pride Will Ruin Your Life

Prideful Lion - Pride Will Ruin Your LifeI’m writing today’s post because pride is the sin I struggle with the most. It lays heavy on my heart. Pride has caused me to stumble numerous times in my life and I fear it will do the same to each and every leader who succumbs to its subtle embrace…

Here’s what pride will tell you:


If You're Willing, You're Able

If You're Willing, You're Able

If you’re not, then you aren’t. So many of us are faced with incredible opportunities, but as soon as we face something that stretches us, we throw our hands up. We say things like “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” and move on, leaving our dreams and vision in the dust.

A year ago, I would have said some things like:


How to Eradicate Self-Sabotage

How to Eradicate Self SabotageYesterday, we looked at the value of adopting a positive mindset.

Trying to succeed while carrying the burden of self-defeating attitudes is like trying to swim with a 3 piece suit on. You’re going to fight unnecessary resistance the whole way. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but things are going to be very, very difficult. Today’s post is all about shedding those ugly negative thoughts and setting yourself up for a much smoother ride.

As my regular readers know, I’m coming from a decidedly Christian worldview. If you don’t share my beliefs, I would ask that you stick with me here. Not only are these principles practical for everyone, but they might help you to better understand the God that you may not be so familiar with.


If You Think You Can't, You're Right

If You Think You Can't, You're RightYou’d love to start your own business…

but you “know” you’re not smart enough.

You dream of quitting your job and moving to Africa to build clean water wells…

but you don’t think you’re strong enough.

You want to change the world…

but what can one person really do?

These are the dangerous lies we tell ourselves in order to rationalize living out lives of mediocrity. We use fear as a crutch to justify an unwillingness to take a giant leap of faith and do something that really matters.