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The Blessing of Conviction

Blessing of ConvictionA common theme has been coming up in my life over the past few days. It is the idea of conviction. I’m not talking about conviction in the sense of a firmly held belief. Nor am I speaking about a guilty verdict in a courtroom, although that concept may apply.

The conviction I’m talking about is a personal recognition of error and need for change. I’d like to unpack that a little more by starting out with what conviction is not.


Stop Asking For Permission

Stop Asking For Permission

I  stumbled upon this great quote tonight:

“If you want to achieve greatness,
stop asking for permission.”

It stopped me in my tracks. After giving it the ‘ol SU thumbs up, I sat and thought about it for a little while. It’s an interesting thought because many of us struggle with this to some degree.


In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him

Planning - In All Your Ways Acknowledge HimSometimes, we’ve got our plan all worked out. We know exactly what we’re doing, where we’re doing it, why we’re doing it, and how it’s all going to shake out. This is a ‘safe’ place to be.

Other times, we’re twisting in the wind. A few key pieces didn’t come together and now the bottom is dropping out. We’ll figure out our next move when it happens to us. This is a ‘dangerous’ place to be.


TED Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

People don’t connect with the what; the products and services that you provide. What they do connect with is the passion behind your purpose. This video brilliantly expands on this point. I’ve seen it at least 5 times and I just had to share it with you.


You can download Simon’s amazing book here:
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Do me a favor and share your favorite TED talk in the comments below.

What If We've Already Won?

victory in ChristWhat if we knew that every battle we were getting ready to face this week has already been fought and won for us?

  • Every personal addiction problem.
  • Every strained relationship.
  • Every troubling business situation.
  • Every financial security concern.
  • Every fight to please the people around us.

We spend most of our days fighting to ‘solve’ these ‘problems.’ We’re always sprinting towards the next solution. We strive for a state of peace. How would our lives look different if, instead of racing to the finish line, we graciously walked towards the winner’s circle?


5 Tips For Becoming Brilliant Today

5 Tips For Becoming Brilliant Today

Today, I was blessed by a very thought-provoking conversation with 3 friends who challenge me and my business in some amazing ways. I decided to jack-leg that conversation and fit it into a blog post.

We’re going to look at 5 everyday ways to become a better learner. Practice these tips daily, and you just might find yourself tapping into brain cells you thought you lost in college.


3 Steps to Saving Your Business

Save your Business

Yesterday, we dealt with the intersection between vision and reality.

You’ve decided that you’re not ready to give up.

You realized that your game changing get-rich-quick idea is going to take a little more time to mature than you thought. You’re ok with that and would like to hang in there. You can handle a get-rich-slow scenario. It’s the stay-broke-forever situation you’d like to avoid.

This is how you move forward in your new business reality…


The Intersection Between Vision and Reality

intersection of vision and realityYou took the leap. You…

  • quit your job and started a new business.
  • designed a bold new product and started marketing it.
  • coordinated a new outreach project in an underserved neighborhood.
  • convinced your boss to let you run with an exciting new idea.
  • finally launched your blog.

Here’s the problem: 6 months have passed and things aren’t going as planned.

  • Nobody’s hiring you.
  • The market isn’t embracing your new product.
  • Very few people have volunteered to help you with your outreach.
  • Your new idea hasn’t produced the fruit that you expected it to.
  • You have far fewer readers than you originally anticipated.

If this is where you’re at, you’re plagued by doubt.


The Violent Opposition of a Mediocre Mind

Albert Einstein

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

I came across this quote earlier and spent a good bit of time thinking about it. My mind immediately gravitated towards examples such as:

  • Christian Martyrs (St. Stephen, John Huss, Jim Elliot)
  • Revolutionary Leaders (Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Ghandi)
  • Business Innovators (Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Charles Schwab)

I saw it as black and white. “Great spirits” were amazing trail blazers and “mediocre minds” were the sluggards standing in the way. The violence, whether physical or emotional, was between two opposed parties. Then I realized that I was seeing it all wrong.

Yes, you and I are those great spirits… but we are also those mediocre minds.


What's Your Internal Script?

Internal Script and MindsetI’ve been taking part in a daily training program over the past few weeks at Keller Williams Realty. It’s geared towards REALTORs; specifically the areas of lead generation and business development. A large component of the course has to do with motivation and self-affirmation.

The program’s facilitator asked each of us to come up with our own personal script/affirmation/prayer. This is the statement that you make to yourself several times a day. It can be a little cheesy, especially when you say it in the mirror, but is an extremely powerful tool.