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How to Get Tons of Consulting Work

How to Get Tons of Work

Give your best stuff away for free.

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What's Your Problem?

I need to know what your problems are before we start trying to solve them.

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Internal Script and Mindset

What's Your Internal Script?

If you have trouble with self defeating attitudes and limiting beliefs, this can be one of the most important steps you take to proactively fix that situation.

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Giving Back This Christmas

3 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Not only is service what God has called us to do with our lives, but it is the most enriching experience that you will ever take part in.

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2 Pesky Problems With Playing Perfect

2 Pesky Problems With Playing Perfect

We’re the head honchos, the boss men. We’re in charge, so of course we’ve got everything together. We say jump and our followers ask “how high?” We don’t make mistakes. Our word is ultimate, so you better get in line. We’ve got the benefit of years of experience, vision, resources, and wisdom. We’re the bees’ […]

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Make Your Team Dangerous in 5 Steps

Make Your Team Dangerous: The 5 Step Guide

If you’re going to make your mission or cause dangerous, you’re going to need a team of passionate innovators; ready to perform at an extremely high level This is how you develop that team.

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